Saturday, March 27, 2010

sweet darkness, sweet earth

Could that sweet darkness where they dwell
~by Emily Dickinson

Could that sweet Darkness where they dwell
Be once disclosed to us
The clamor for their loveliness
Would burst the Loneliness --



YogaforCynics said...

Darkness vs. loneliness as opposed to darkness=loneliness...oh that Emily Dickinson is so inscrutable...

Owen said...

Thanks for clue-ing me in to Earth Hour... tonight. And thanks for the enigmatic piece from Emily D. "Ah, look at all the lonely people"...

A fine Sunday to you Lydia...

Darlene said...

Sweet Darkness happens in the middle of summer when I used to sit on the patio with my husband, sip a glass of wine and watch the stars.

Now it happens when I switch the light of when I go to bed.

I read your blog just in time. I was unable to join due to the link being down, but I will switch my lights off at 8:30 tonight.

Lydia said...

YogaforCynics~ That sounds like an observation by someone with a PhD in English. O...wait. You have a PhD in English. ;)

Owen~ A fine Sunday to you, too, and I certainly hope you had a fine Earth Hour Saturday night.

Darlene~ Look at your beautiful new portrait shot! Your husband would love it, I am sure...
Switching off your lights at 8:30 was the important thing; it means you joined in the most meaningful way possible.



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