Monday, March 15, 2010

full moon delights for a new moon

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Now, I had to return to this post to edit it because I discovered afterward that the little full white (empty) circle on my calendar was not there to indicate a full moon on March 15th, but a new moon instead. And I am not referring to this New Moon...........Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I have been confused by the full white (empty) circle and the full dark (filled) circle indicating new moons and full moons before this time. But never in view of twenty or more blog readers. How embarrassing. My little full (empty) head is mush from the time change, plus it's gearing up for Saint Patrick's Day and the Vernal Equinox, so what the is that post in celebration of a full moon that won't actually occur this month until March 29 (according to my Deepak Chopra calendar) .......or March 30 (according to Universe Today).


I just discovered this artist tonight last night. Angelo Branduardi. It was obvious from the selection of his work available on youtube alone that he has been a major artist for decades. Pity to have not known about this dazzling star much sooner but, ah! to have found him while searching for just the right nod to the full moon . . . well, I certainly found what I was looking for. 

Le Dodici Lune (Twelve Moon) by Angelo Branduardi   (3:38)

Le Dodici Lune (Twelve Moon) -
The moon of the ice
The moon of the ghosts
The warm moon of the sun that returns
The moon of the flowers
The moon of the buds
Yellow moon of the mature grain that matures.  
The moon of the rice
The moon of the harvest
The white moon of the flight of birds.
The large moon
The moon of the leaves
The small moon of the sun that dies.
And the rain drop that consumes the rock;
Thus, night after night
Twelve moons.

La Luna (The Moon) by Angelo Branduardi (.57 clip of live performance)

photo of full moon and New Moon clip via tinypic



Amy said...

Great post Lydia; who is that naked man? The first clip had incredible images to compliment the music - thank you for introducing me to this great musician! And his guitar in the last clip - wow!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lydia!Nice moon pic :)

Have a wonderful week,Lydia♥

Lydia said...

Amy~ I'm glad you also did not know of this musician...I wondered if I was in a club of one! He is marvelous.
I don't know if the actor in the little clip is marvelous because I haven't, and probably won't, see any of the Twilight movies. But he is the lead actor in those films - yet his name isn't in my radar!

Kata~ Thanks for popping by. I really like your new profile photo!

Lydia said...

Amy~ p.s. The name of the Twilight film this little clip is from is New Moon. That was the tie-in!

bookmanie said...

Interesting, my friend.

The Stylish House said...

This post speaks to me in volumes. I’m drawn to the stillness of the night and do my best work surrounded by its quiet embrace. I find moonlight a comfortable friend and I come alive once the shadows grow long in the afternoon.
Like you Moonstruck is also one of my favs. I always enjoy visiting here.

Jennifer said...

Well, I had to fan myself down after encountering that man whose name escapes me disrobing at the top of this page!

Sorry I haven't been by (or sometimes I've been by to read and not comment). Your posts always require careful digestion and sometimes the words aren't forthcoming for me.

But I'm reading (and hopefully commenting) on.

Lydia said...

bookmanie~ Thank you and nice having you here.

The Stylish House~ I always enjoy your visits and I most definitely understand what you mean about coming "alive once the shadows grow long in the afternoon." That's me to a tee.
I was actually looking at scenes of Moonstruck on youtube when I came across the ones I posted here... :)

Jennifer~ How hot is he really if we can't even recall his name?!!! question...
Why would you apologize for anything related to your visits here? Don't! I always look forward to them and don't feel slighted when some time goes by between when you comment to the next.
Big smile :)

Rhiannon said...

Well the new moon today is my favorite time of the moon cycle. Something good and also changes always happen in a new moon, all a very positive "cycle". Yes, I used to get confused also with the round dark filled hole and the empty "circle"...but the complete dark one on your calender (as I'm sure you know now obviously according to this post)is always the new moon.

As to the full moon...things always seem to get a little "Strange" during that time...think maybe we humans do tend to go with the moon cycles. I truely do believe this.

I love the moon regardless of it's changes and cycles...we become so interwined and connected with it. I do seriously believe that we are all connected to the moon and all of the universal forces in the universe.

Hope something good happens for you by tomorrow...then the new moon will have lived up to it's promise! I know it did with me.



secret, fragile skies said...

Your new format is gorgeous! was taken before we could renew the domain!!!! It can now be accessed under:
as the third blog in the same profile.

Look forward to your visits!

Lydia said...

Rhi~ Thanks for your thoughts on the moon. I am somewhat confused, however, because you said that the complete dark one on the calendar is always the new moon. That - according to the calendar I looked at yesterday - would mean that the new moon will be March 28. But that date is the full moon. So according to at least one calendar the completely dark circle is the full moon. (This is how I became confused in the first place, but I did confirm elsewhere that new moon was this week, full moon is March 28 or 29 depending upon different sources.) It all makes me feel like howling!

secret, fragile skies~ I'm thrilled you like the new format here, and so appreciate that you stopped by to tell me about the whole domain mess. I've changed my blogroll and reading list accordingly. Sorry you had that hassle and it is great to have you back. I love your blog.

the watercats said...

Oh my word! would you look at that yolk!... :-D

Lydia said...

the watercats~ What exactly is the yolk? Is that what that unusual guitar-type instrument is called? I never saw one before.

Rhiannon said...

Lydia, I had to chuckle a bit what you said about the confusing new or full moon deal. I used to do that also and not understand. But then found that some calendars are different and show the opposite! So...I googled in "new moon on calendars"...and clicked on a website that showed and explained all the phases of the moon. It's suppose to show a dark round circle for "new" moon phase(moon doesn't show in the night sky at all) and an empty white circle for a "full" moon showing a "full" moon in the night sky.

According to the two calendars I have it shows the full moon will be on March 30th. Now I feel like "Howling" just like you at the confusion!..;o)

Lydia said...

Rhi~ Well, that was good research. So I suppose when we purchase or receive new calendars we should check online for a full moon annual report for the year ahead...then check to see which way that particular calendar depicts the new and full moons. Gads!



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