Sunday, April 11, 2010

imagination sails

junk by Lydia Marano

Wood was lacking for the shipwright,
Timber for another vessel,
But he got a bit of wood,
Found a few chips for his purpose,
Just five fragments of a distaff
And six splinters of a spindle.

And from these he built a vessel,
Carved himself another craft;
Built the vessel by sheer magic,
Made it with his wizard knowledge:
One stroke, and one side was ready,
Two strokes, and two sides were ready,
Three strokes, and the boat was finished.

Then he launched it on the water,
Let it down upon the billows.
To the boat he said: "Go now,
Be a bubble on the water,
Water lily on the billows.
Eagle, let me have three feathers;
Eagle three, the raven two
To protect the little boat,
Bulwark for the feeble vessel."
~excerpt from Runo 29 of THE KALEVALA, EPIC OF THE FINNISH PEOPLE, translated by Eino Friberg

Please note: The artist of the above magical painting and I are NOT the same Lydia. I only wish I could paint like she does!



Citizen of Earth said...

Beautiful image & words
So in sync
With my present state of mind
Going where the wind and waves do take me

Hattie said...

Wouldn't it be fun to build a tiny boat and through magic make it a real vessel that you could sail in?

Erin Davis said...

Beautiful and inspiring!

La Belette Rouge said...

It seems to me that all Lydias are highly creative. Incredible voyage you have arranged for us here. Thank you!

Lydia said...

Citizen of Earth~ Yes, your personal journey seems of almost mythic scale right now. Vast, yet private. Thank you for sharing some of the magic with your friends.

Hattie~ I want to wiggle my nose and transport us both to childhood to play together!

Erin~ Wonderful to have you here!

La Belette Rouge~ Sweet of you to say, I am sure all Lydias would agree! My pleasure you joined the voyage. :)



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