Monday, June 14, 2010

Dex and MomLydia meet at PDX!

Hello to everyone who is wondering how our first meeting was between Dex and me on Saturday. Superb! This is a very short video that demonstrates what I mean.

We had a beautiful first day touring Portland and eating at a popular Filipino restaurant there for dinner prior to driving Dex to our home to meet all the animals. Day two was lovely, with Mass in the morning (Dex is devoutly Catholic, and it was a meaningful experience for him to share with Michael and me - quite the perfect homily about "Great Love."). Afterward we went for a short hike at Silver Falls State Park, and I have sweet photos to share......

But this is a fast post while Dex and I share the computer to stick stuff out on blogs and Facebook, while Michael is at an emergency dental appointment. He had deferred a problem with a tooth/gum area until vacation. Live and learn. As soon as he returns we are headed to the Oregon coast for the night with the dogs. It is likely that I will not post again until after Dex leaves on Friday, at which time I will have the images more organized for sharing.

Thank you to all of you for your love, support, and excitement about the great love that has grown between Dex and me as a result of blogging. Very powerful. Very spiritual connection.



Anonymous said...

That's AWESOME Lydia! Enjoy your time together and it will be lovely to share in your adventures when you have time :)

Rhiannon said...

Way cool Lydia and Dex...hope you all have a wonderful week together...I love stuff like this when it's so family but not blood related might even be more better at times for many of us..."MomLydia" sweet..

Hey "Hi Dex" if you see this post comment...enjoy and have fun and so glad you and Lydia and her hubby and "animal kids" all got to get together..wonderful....amazing just amazing..

Love Always,


Nancy said...

Wow, Lydia! What an amazing experience!

La Belette Rouge said...

I love how the internet can bring people together. This is sooooooooo cool!!! Have a great time!!!!

Lydia said...

Hello to you all~ Thank you SO much for leaving these fun and heartfelt comments while we were at the beach, and please forgive the joint response. We just arrived home after a great time at the beach and lots of good food. Both the guys have gone to bed and I'm waiting for my camera battery to charge so I can unload all my images and then re-charge it for tomorrow in Portland. The dogs are crashed out too. I'm next in line, most definitely. :)

Hattie said...

How wonderful! I hope you are all feeling better and able to enjoy your time together in good health.

Lydia said...

Hattie~ Thank you for your wishes for good health, as it seems we each have not let anything negative affect our time together.

Anonymous said...

Just loved it.

Lydia said...

Riyadh~ It was a beautiful moment. I hope you also will fly into Portland airport some day in the future!



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