Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Health Insurance Online "Inspiration Award"

I had an email surprise this week that still has me whispering wow to myself when I think about it. What an honor it is to be given The Health Insurance Online "Inspiration Award" out-of-the-blue on a dismally rainy day! I have absolutely no idea how the team there discovered my blog but they did, and they found my personal story of recovery an inspiration. I feel more than honored to receive the award, especially with my 25th sobriety anniversary coming in October. There is a still spot inside me where I return again and again, the place where my recovery story lives, and that is where I will keep my gratitude for this fine award.

Below is a portion of the email from Brian Rubin.

Subject: Congratulations to Another Inspiration Award Winner!

Dear Lydia,

Congratulations! On behalf of Health Insurance Online -- a leading
provider of health insurance resources and information -- we would like
to present you with our Inspiration Award. You can find the code to
place the award onto your website below . . .

This award was created for people we feel have an inspiring story of
recovery, whether physically or emotionally. After reviewing your
website and reading your inspirational story of recovery, we feel your
story instills a feeling of hope in us all. Therefore, we want to
recognize your story so that others may also feel inspired and hopeful
in their own recovery. As a recipient of this award, you can place our
included badge anywhere on your website. You can also read more about
the award and how it was created on our website:

I am including below the award information from their website because I think it is marvelous, and because I have readers who may want to contact Brian Rubin with their own suggestions regarding the last paragraph:

The Health Insurance Online "Inspiration Award"

The “Inspiration Award” is given to people who demonstrate that recovery is possible. People with stories that inspire and instill hope in all of us. If you are visiting this page because you clicked on an Inspiration Award, you should know that each award represents a story, and each story represents a person who has overcome great obstacles and won the battle.

The story of our award starts with our research team which is responsible for scouring the Web for information that is useful and valuable to our readers. We typically look for health insurance information, resources regarding coverage, and articles touching on healthcare reform. One day, we found an incredible story about a woman who recovered from a very serious illness. The story inspired our team and changed our perspective. Health insurance is a topic people research and acquire for protection in case they are sick or injured. Most people are healthy when they look for it. But this story opened our eyes to the other side of the coin. Those who have experienced sickness, been greatly challenged, and overcome incredible obstacles. Unfortunately, too many of these stories involve challenges with health insurance and coverage – or the lack thereof. We felt somewhat overwhelmed. How could we help? What could we do? Our idea was to recognize people so that others learn that recovery is possible.

If you know someone who has an inspiring story of recovery please send us an email @ Tell us where we can read the recovery story online and why you think the person deserves an award. Thanks for your help.

Health Insurance Online

Offers comprehensive information on health insurance and health care as well as quotes for affordable health insurance, as well as a complete set of articles and books to read.



Kim said...

Congrats on the award!

Freda said...

What a wonderful inspiration. Thanks Lydia for sharing all that you do.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful thing to happen to you, it warmed my heart to read this. :)

Lydia said...

Kim~ Thank you; it was a pleasant surprise. :)

Freda~ You were an inspiration to me when I first started blogging and I'm so glad we have reconnected.

Joni~ I'm glad for that because many things I've read at your blog have warmed my heart.

Erin Davis said...

Congratulations. This just shows that all of the beauty you put out into the world through your blog reaches unexpected places and comes back to you in well-deserved ways.

Lydia said...

Erin~ Thank you for these beautiful sentiments. Dex is sitting right here beside me as (we) say hello, and welcome back to blogland. I really missed your poetry.

bfk said...

Congratulations, Lydia. And it's even more fun since it was a surprise.

Lydia said...

bfk~ Thanks, bfk. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

j said...

Congratulations, Lydia. It's a wonderful thing to be recognized for your inspirational writing and story.

Lydia said...

Jennifer~ I hadn't even thought of it as being recognized for my writing, but in a sense I guess that was a part of it too. Thank you. :)



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