Monday, July 12, 2010

on the fringe of fashion

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. Balneatix 1876
 (Balneator is a bath superintendent)

Fringe Dress To Color This Season
-by zaarah for

Every fashion season is colored with various that keep on updating every moment. Fringe dress trends are also catching up in the trend. The most astonishing factor of fringe dress trend is that it is not limited to various dresses, but is also used in various types of bags and shoes designs. Usually people pick the fringe dresses when they are off to parties. Recently fringe dress has also found its place among the formal wears.

The fringe dresses are seen floating around in different lengths and you can choose them from variety of designs too. The dresses come in short as well as long length. If you are planning to hit a party floor in the fringe dress, then it is best to pick the one which would be till knee length. Yet another place where you can shine in fringe dress would be the beach. It is indeed a perfect selection as beach dress. However the choice depends entirely on individual preferences.

The most dominant and popular colors of fringe dress would be black and red. In any case of party occasion, the black fringe dress would completely compliment your style. Coming to this trend, it has also been seen that even one sided shoulder dresses are catching up the trend. The combination of the fringe dresses work really well with skirts. You can team up long flowing skirts with fringe tops. There is a plethora of fringe tops available in the stores. The fringe trend has been staying in the charts with varied types of jackets making it to the vogue. If you are having a skinny jean, you can open up the style by pairing it with the jackets. The jackets also work well with any kind of formal as well as casual attire.

Coming to the fringe trend, it is also fast catching up in case of varied style of bags. Here too you would see a variety of styles in the collection. The plus point is that these bags are also available in personal form. Hence it would go well with the attire that you wear. Clutches are not left behind as the fringe style is even seen making a mark there. If you are in a party wear, the fringe clutches would look as perfect match for the dress. Usually the fringe styled clutches look classic when it comes in black and white. However there are many colors and styles from which you can pick your personal favorite.

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Roxana said...

there is always such a poignant sense of time in your posts, it fascinates me!

i love the contrasted images - how far does your interest in fashion go?

(and what about your rose bushes? i am thinking of them, you know :-)

Amy said...

I had no idea Lydia that "fringe" is in - not that I would run out and purchase a fringe anything! The last piece of clothing I owned that had fringe was my beloved hippie suede jacket - it was a beauty.

Is the "balneatix" holding a tray of towels of some sort (?) - such an intriguing post!

La Belette Rouge said...

That last dress is brilliant. I am not really a fringe lover . That isn't true. I like it on others and not on me. I feel unconsolidated in fringe.

kj said...

hee hee lydia, i can't say whether my area of expertise is more fringe or crunch, but i pretend i am a traditional girl except i'm really not. :)

Owen said...

If the devil wears Prada, will the devil soon be wearing Prada fringes ?

Found a circus named for you, if you have a second do come over and take a peek...

Lydia said...

Roxana~ What an interesting impression of my blog; thank you.
I had to search for an image that had components of the fringe and boots. It took awhile but I also was fascinated by their contrasts once I found the image. My interest in fashion.....I enjoy magazines, especially those from Europe, that show how far imagination can take us. If I had money (and when I've had a bit extra to spend at times) I would like to purchase pieces (and not a huge amount of them) that seemed like me when I opened my closet door. And you? I bet you have wonderful style.
My roses! They are refreshed by greater care, and for that reason they are proving to be yummies for deer. Monday evening at dusk my husband called me to the window looking out at the rose garden and there was a young male deer (small horns) stretching for the last Peace Rose on that particular bush. It was too tall for him so I have at least one! Will check on the rest of the bushes in the daylight. I don't mind sharing, but hope to have a few bouquets inside this summer. :)

Amy~ Thanks! I think you have correctly identified towels, although they sure don't look like the thick ones we enjoy today.
Most of the photos of fringe dresses I found were from 2008-09 but the article was written this year, so the trend might still be around. I have never owned anything with fringe. What happened to your jacket?

La Belette Rouge~ there's a descriptive word! I haven't worn fringe, but when I saw this gorgeous dress last night I coveted it badly.

kj~ I don't see you as screamingly traditional. But you're not in the fringe of society, either. Now if I can just figure out what you mean by "crunch" perhaps there would be the key!

Owen~ Prada fringes! There's a devil-may-care style!
A circus with my name? I really love circuses and the lore they conjure and will be by in a jiffy.

Rhiannon said...

Oh I really go for the feminine "fringe" look. I showed my sister my movie "Down with Love" with Rene Z...please don't ask me to spell her last name!..:o)...anyway it's a movie from about 5 years ago, and they make it take place in the very early 60's, and whoever did the production and style work in that movie did an awesome job..just like going back in the end Rene is singing with her "beau" and she is in this beautiful red fringed the kind they wore in shindig and such..remember? She looked gorgeous in she moved and danced the red fringe moved along with her..her name was "Barbara Novak" in the movie by the way..I've showed this movie to so many people and not one of them has been disappointed so funny..and the early 60's clothes are incredible and the movie is so funny.

Okay, now way back in my "Hippie" days I had a dark chocolate seude jacket...fringe everywhere the arms the sleeves, the bottom of the jacket and front top part...oooh how I loved and miss that jacket so. I also had two pairs of below the knee sueded moccasins boots...fringe on the side and top...I wore them all the them at some cheap flea market in Venice California.

I still love the "fringed" look and I have a few tops that have some of this...and black dresses also...but I never get to wear them dress up "dates" around here. I guess I'm still an ole Los Angeles fashion girl at fashion magazines too, just like you..especially the foreign ones..and also like "Nylon" magazine...

Think I will be dancing, loving music and loving fashion until I'm in my grave...speaking of skinny jeans I finally broke down and bought a pair at Ross store...they looked good on me but I hope my belt will hold up the low rise of them...they are actually comfortable...wore my black leggings the other day and I thought "oh my god I'm 59 will people think I've lost my mind!?

Fashion's just fun and creative and "artsy" to put an outfit together from almost nothing..

Thanks for the fun post...loved it.

Love and peace for the world, and yes I'm still on a marathon on my blog for peace..I shall continue with the love and peace and lets stop the war post..keep dropping by...sorry for this long comment.


Lydia said...

Rhi~ I stopped my car to let a man into the flow of traffic yesterday and he flashed me the peace sign. I smiled back, and after the moment passed I thought about you and your post and wished I'd have returned the sign.
You must mean Renee Zelweiger (sp?) and I've not heard of that movie but will check on it.
Your memories of 60s Calif. always intrigue me....and you sound like quite the creative fashionista to this day.

francessa said...

You sure would look lovely in a fringe dress, Lydia!

I owned a suede vest with fringes in my youth, but the constant moving of the fringes and maybe the comments of some people made me so nervous that I finally cut them off.

Lydia said...

francessa~ O, thank would depend on the dress and how much I had adhered to my yoga practice!
That is so sad that you cut off your fringes if it was indeed due to peer pressure. But it's funny if you did it to adjust it for comfort. :)

Darlene said...

I'm afraid that if I wore a fringe dress I would look like a frayed pillow top. Not my style at all.

Erika C. said...

Oh yes, fringes. When I was 6 or 7 at the height of the 60's, I had a fringe brown suede vest and a fringed headband. I was so looking forward to being old enough to really enjoy the decade like the college students in nearby Columbia College seemed to me to be doing. We lived then in the upper west side in Columbia housing.

Of course when I was old enough to go to college, all of that was over and there is still a part of me that misses it.


Lydia said...

Darlene~ Your play on words in this context just cracked me up! I'm curious, though...what is your style? :)

Erika~ So good to have you visit, and I realize I haven't been by your blog for awhile either...
Your memory was so descriptive of how we wish to grow up for this or that reason but when we step into our own adulthood we can't easily capture what we longed for. I think you got a great sense of the 60s as a little girl which I find quite touching.

Darlene said...

I really don't know what you would call my style. Probably classic or conservative. I can still wear things I bought 20 years ago because I buy things that never go out of style. I am not a trendy person.

Lydia said...

Darlene~ I bought along the classic line when I worked in offices because that was expected. It's good to have some classic pieces in the closet and fun to have some trendy ones too. I made purchase errors in years past (of both classic and trendy items) because I wasn't sure what my real style actually was! I really do appreciate help from the sharp sales people at Nordstrom who have helped me pull together a look that I loved but wouldn't necessarily have found on my own.



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