Tuesday, September 28, 2010

college days and a quiz

Eton College by Canaletto by ArtLoversOnline
Eton College by Canaletto by ArtLoversOnline

College Days
    by Richard Hovey (1864-1900)

For the Fly-Leaf of an Autograph Album

THESE college days of jollity and mirth
How pleasurable are they and how serene,
Just tinged with sorrow enough to welcome in
With heartier joy all wassail that gives birth
To bliss that lifts the spirit from the earth!
Shall not this book and the signatures herein
Of men whose friendship I am glad to win,
Years hence recall this time that knows no dearth
Of ready jests and sunshine of sweet lays
And vintages of Xeres and the Rhine?
Ah! the remembrance of these happy days,
The music and the laughter and the wit,
The cups that smile with glimmering of sweet wine
Age shall grow mellow with the thought of it.


Take the University Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

I took the quiz and it seems that I am the University of California, Berkeley.....
A true hippy, you really wish you could spend the rest of your life in the 1960's. It's not that you haven't been able to settle down and be quite successful, but you yearn for the days of agitation and revolution. You're fond of the old comic Bloom County, as well as the more recent Outland. The rest of your life looks like a struggle between your prestige and your radical nature. You really like those cheap Sathers candies.
(This is pretty right-on, man, except for the last line. I don't like candy much at all, and I hate cheap candies.)



Fireblossom said...

I got Vanderbilt.

"You're Vanderbilt University!
You come from old money, and many have even argued ill-gotten gains. This bedrock of dubious wealth upon which you sit makes privilege a natural position for you, even though you're surrounded by a buffer of backwoods poverty. This makes you gnash your teeth a bit, while some vilify you. Also vilified is your pursuit of a career in pharmaceuticals. Your favorite computer was a Commodore."

Dahling, this has all made me feel so restless. I think I'll go out and ruin someone, just to take the edge off. ;-)

Lydia said...

Fireblossom~ You are so hilarious, Dahling! What a weird write-up for Vanderbilt...not that I know anything about Vanderbilt or its students. My husband took the test tonight and, well, his U is as far removed from my U as it could be (not a total surprise given our backgrounds). Quirky stuff.



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