Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thus the whirligig of time brings in his revenges*?

Hurricane Caroline by An Lausecta

* Title quote (minus the question mark) by William Shakespeare



Fireblossom said...

I love Ambrose Bierce!

His definition of "absurd": the opinion of another. *snicker*

Darlene said...

Shakespeare's word 'whirligig' is a good noun for a hurricane. But does it bring revenge? I think not, unless it's revenge on mankind for despoiling the Earth.

I hope that hurricane Earl skips the East Coast, but it doesn't look promising.

I love the sea, but would never live near it because of hurricanes and fog. I don't like either one.

Nancy said...

So the hurricane is something other than a whirling dirvish (sp?) of a storm?

Lydia said...

Fireblossom~ Love that definition of absurd. Love him, too, actually.:)

Darlene~ There have been hurricanes since before humans began affecting weather (?) -- but maybe they are becoming more frequent and stronger, and that could be a bad bad thing for coastal areas.
I've never been in a hurricane but fog in SF was the cause of two separate episodes of pleurisy when I was in my teens, so I consider it sort of an enemy of mine even though I love the look of it.

Nancy~ I just do not know. Shakespeare wasn't talking about hurricanes, was he? I do wonder what context this quote is taken from. It's a cool quote.

annell said...

I have been in several hurricanes, and lived to tell about it. It is all chance. Some of my family were lost in the 1900 storm, and my Grandmother, always kept the hope that someday they would be found. Of course they were not, then they were a young couple, with a baby. I remember my Grandmother talking about it when I was little. The predictions are much better now.

Judy Clem said...

Having survived 2 hurricanes in recent memory.....Rita ( the forgotten storm that followed close on the heels of Katrina and was mostly ignored except by folks here who got it with both barrels and Ike ( also a nasty, destructive "whirligig" that killed a lot of folks on Galveston... I am watching this "conga line of storms" as the weather service called it very closely. Is it just me or are these things getting worse every year?

susan said...

We got to Fredericton, New Brunswick this afternoon and may have to stay an extra day because Earl is expected to charge through between here and Halifax tomorrow. Oh well, we may just need the rest.

Lydia said...

annell~ Fascinating that you know them first-hand (be safe now) and that your family has an unfortunate past with one. It isn't strange that you thought of the young couple and their baby at this time, but it interests me to wonder whether they would have ever been remembered this long if they had lived long and died in regular ways. In a sense it is their tragic death that helps your family to keep their memory alive and that is quite lovely.

Judy Clem~ Wow, both you and Annell above have been in the horrible things. The rest of the country watches nervously, and we care, but we can't truly know the outright terror without being there.
I have heard reports lately that, yes, they are growing in number and intensity. Be safe.

susan~ Great to have a comment from you, as you have been strongly on my mind! I've wondered where you were in your cross-continent trek to your new home, and there you are in Fredericton. Yes, you should rest and be safe. Best not to push it in a hurricane! Take good care.



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