Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Hallows' Eve

Shadow Talk, Carnivale in Venezia 2008 by Donna Corless

WHAT SHADOWS we are, and
what shadows we pursue!  ~ Burke



Phivos Nicolaides said...

Enjoy your Hallows Eve!

Jinksy said...

I'm green with hat envy! lol :)

Khaled KEM said...

I like that quote Lydia.

izzy said...

Stretch those shadows !

Darlene said...

Ah yes, Carnivalle in Venice. I have seen pictures of some of the costumes and they must cost a fortune. Nowhere celebrates like Venice.

I don't think Carnivalle is held on our Halloween date (I could be worng), but it certainly is a close relative to our celebration.

Owen said...

We live in a world full of shadows... shadows getting longer daily. Getting hard to see for all the shadows...

Happy Hallows eve...

kj said...

lydia, i have one of these masks from venice and it is downright spooky: it is a smiling face but void of something, i'm not sure what. empathy? emotion?

and then there is me and i think you too: too humanly vulnerable to avoid feeling!

love love

Lydia said...

Phivos~ We did enjoy it, but not as many kids came trick-or-treating this year.

Jinksy~ Hat envy! That is good!

Khaled KEM~ I found it in a book of quotations/sayings that belonged to my grandmother, and was instantly taken by it.

izzy~ s..-..h..-..a..-..d..-..o..-..w!!!

Darlene~ I like your new portrait shot! I loved this costume when I saw the image, but am not at all sure of when Carnivale is held. Now I am curious to know. :)

Owen~ Your comment sounds like the beginning of a wicked-good song! Happy Hallows Eve to you too.

kj~ "too humanly vulnerable..." - thank you for that comment. :)
You really hit on something about the void in the smiling mask. It creeps me out, the lack of empathy that you mentioned. Good Point!



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