Monday, December 6, 2010

Mag 43 -

gone from the world
the dog I loved
no paw prints in snow

       MLydiaM ~ December 2010

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Don't Feed The Pixies said...

oh bless - that is so simple and effective

I've never really understood how to create a hiaku

But that really touched me coz i know what it's like to lose a pet. I still look at the gap in the sofa where Charlie used to sit and don't like sitting in "his spot" if i can avoid it.

Giles, meanwhile, being totally insane - just loved the snow and has been out frolicking :)

C.M. Jackson said...

aww this one tugs at my heart as my dog Max goes into his 13th year-wonderful magpie-c

Anonymous said...

Its nice to see you posting back on the Magpie Tales - beautiful poem too!

Helen said...

Oh my .... having experienced this kind of pain, I relate to your Magpie.

Melinda said...

Lydia--I am so saddened by this post. Losing a friend is always so hard, I know. I've had my heart broken many times by furry friends who don't live nearly as long as I wished they could.

I do love your new picture on your header though--it suits the blog very well.

I'm back from my travels and catching up on everything. It's been a little hard due to the enormous jetlag and a nasty bug that both Les and I picked up.

I hope you are well, other than losing your friend.

Take care,


Hattie said...

Oh. That made me feel sad. I miss my little girl, the silly Cockapoo who loved to play in the snow in the park near our home in Oregon. She lived to be almost 19 and is now buried in our backyard in Hawaii.

Tess Kincaid said...

Ah, sadly, I certainly relate here. I miss my lab, Ralphy, every day of my life. Sadly, his prints are no longer on the steps.

Paul C said...

How true about losing a beloved pet. I have had similar experience with the loss of our last German Shepherd. Months later I expected Ceddy to run around the corner in the back yard.

Stafford Ray said...

Yes we did have an intersection of ideas, both sad, both of loss but opening a door to memories.

La Belette Rouge said...

Heartbreaking. I can't imagine that grief. Crying now.

Lydia said...

Pixies~ It is touching that you honor Charlie's spot on the sofa, and I understand. I have an old chair in storage that I cannot give away because it "belonged" to my cat, Cirrus, who was with me for 15 years. You never get over the missing them, but the ones that come along (your Giles, my Willow) bring new joys.

C.M. Jackson~ Thank you. My two dogs are both ten and definitely showing age. It was realizing that, and then thinking about my dog Truckee who has been gone a long time now, that moved this poem along.

madamebutterfly~ Thanks much on both counts.

Helen~ We who are pet-lovers know that pain. I buy loss-of-pet cards when I see them at the store, just in case I hear of a friend losing a pet because it is such a lonely time.

Melinda~ First, I hope that you and Les are recuperating least fully. I am so glad you had such a wonderful trip.
My loss is not a recent one, but I have been thinking of my dog, Truckee, and the photo prompt reminded me of a poem I wrote about her when she was a very long ago.

Hattie~ Sorry to bring a sadness to your heart. Nineteen years with your Cockapoo were a blessing, and I do understand the still missing her part!

Tess~ Ralphy. What a great name for a lab. What a sweet tribute to him to think of him daily.

Paul C~ Ceddy. Now there is a name I have not seen before. A boyfriend in my past had a German Shepherd who was more than special, so I understand the way you must have loved Ceddy.

Stafford Ray~ And opening the door to memories we seem to have done.

Belette Rouge~ It is a torment that is unexplainable. May knowing it be so far in your future that many many more loving memories of Lily will have cushioned it just a little.

Freda said...

So sad, so poignant, such beauty. Thank you.

Lydia Kang said...

What a lovely but sad poem. And the photo is precious too. Amazing.
Nice to meet you and thanks for following my blog. I don't meet very many other bloggers named Lydia!

Claudia said...

aw - how sweet and sad at the same time...

susan said...

We know from the first when we meet our animal companions that they will be likely to pass on before us. I also like to think theirs will be the most joyous welcome in the next life. My dog Garth taught me much about love, bravery and delight.

Lydia said...

Freda~ Thank you.
Willow's image struck me as lonely and sad, although it had an opposite effect on others. It is one reason I so love Magpie many ways to see the same thing!

Lydia King~ My pleasure to visit and follow your blog last evening. Thank you for reciprocating!
The photo is by Willow who is the author of Magpie Tales and who gives us a new photo prompt weekly. She is a marvelous photographer.

Claudia~ Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment. :)

susan~ Garth. Now there is another name I never heard for a pet! Love it. Very dignified somehow, yet fun-loving. I wonder if Garth has appeared in any of your paintings...

mythopolis said...

My dog is 12 in human years. Her name is 'Life'. She has a face like a raccoon, but now getting all grey on her muzzle. Life has been my friend for all these years, don't know how I will cope when she goes down! So sorry.

Lydia said...

mythopolis~ Life may be the most unique name for a dog I have ever heard, and the face you describe sounds just precious. Enjoy every minute you have together; you are making memories. To Life!



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