Sunday, December 26, 2010

Willow votes to keep the Christmas tree year-round

The Cat and the Christmas Tree
                              ~by Amy Cavanaugh
Your needled branches are an evergreen canopy
Over my head. I take in your fresh air
And sit. Up at you I stare with open circular eyes.
White lights wink down at me -
An invitation to curl under their essence.
You tried to feed your sensual branches to me -
But I barely accepted them.
I probably still don't.

Christmas Tree:
Come to me ring-tailed striped cat.
Show me those wide eyes of yours -
Accompanied by a green feline gaze.
Come again - under me you once sat.
Show me that mini size of yours.
Come out from Hesitation's haze.
Come again - under me you once sat.
There's a reason to find you under me.



mythopolis said...

What a great shot! It somehow captures the essence of 'cat-ness'.

Fireblossom said...

How cute is that???

Debbie Smith said...

This is too cute! What a great picture!
Happy Holidays!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

great pome - Christmas morning i was woken at 5am by Giles doing his Michael Flatley impression on my chest, thus earning himself a new nickname!

Caren Gittleman said...

now you KNOW that I would love this!!

Photo was fabulous and the poem superb!

Cat Chat

kj said...

lydia, this is a gorgeous photo conveying so much! your christmas card next year?

love and best wishes to you. merry happy christmas


Owen said...

I think keeping the Christmas tree year round is a fine idea... why should Christmas be just one day ???

Happiest of holidays to you Lydia !

Lydia said...

mythopolis~ Why, thank you so very much! ^.^

Fireblossom~ If you are asking Willow and me we both say: Oh, cute...very, very, totally cute! ^.^

Debbie Smith~ Thanks much! I must come visit to see if you are celebrating the holidays at home or if you are traveling! ^.^

Pixies~ I liked this poem too.
Oh, that Giles, with a new nickname! What is it? Flatley? Riverdance? ^.^

Caren~ Thanks! I liked the way the image and the poem worked together. Should probably try to leave a message at the poet's page... ^.^

kj~ I appreciate your appreciation of the photo. Would make a good Christmas card...if I still sent Christmas cards! (I kinda miss those days, so busy sending cards and so happily receiving many.)
Happy Christmas and New Year to you. xo ^.^

Owen~ You have three furry fans here in Silverton, Oregon, who all agree with your comment.
Many happy holiday wishes to you. ^.^

English Rider said...

Lovely image. Cats are so sure that they are the center of the universe.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Yeah - his new nickname is Flatley or Michael Flatley

But because of the chubby face and the slightly imperious way he looks down at you he got a second: Chairman Miow

Jingle Poetry said...

admirable post.

Jingle Poetry said...

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Jennifer said...

Lovely image combined with word.

But of course I am thinking of my boss's old cat, Claws, who every year would try to anoint the tree with his urine (!!). That would be a very different poem . . . :)

Our kitties like to chew on the tree and at the moment Nora's dog bed is under its branches. I'll miss the tree when it is gone.

Merry belated Christmas, Lydia, and may you have a new year where the words flow.

~ Tabitha ~ said...


Kim said...

I love pics of Willow! I think Willow is right about the tree...

Lydia said...

English Rider~ but, but, but....are you saying they are not? ^.^

Pixies~ Quite the guy, and Chairman Miow is marvelous. ^.^

Jingle Poetry~ Thank you kindly for your comment and for the information about your potluck. It sounds intriguing. I am not sure I will be able to check into what you are all about until the new year, however. ^.^

Jennifer~ What sweet wishes to wrap up the year, Jennifer. They mean a lot to me.
Interesting you would mention your boss' cat's "problem," because tonight we have Pilgrim inside and I hope he will be a good boy. He knows where the cat box is, as we thought he would progress from garage cat to housecat a few years ago. He hung here through that winter then made it clear he loves the freedom. But. Tonight we came home to find him completely soaked and rather out of his mind from exposure. Evidently, he chose to stay outside in heavy rain today, where the garage with electric beds was available to him. It is a worry. ^.^

Tabitha~ I love your icon =^.^= .....but notice how different it looks in my font. The whiskers are too high. Bummer!

Kim~ I am so glad you found this pic of Willow. You two are great friends! I have loved the tree but this is a little house ..... ^.^

Freda said...

That's a beautiful photo and poem. What I was trying to work out was whether the tree was artificial or real.

Roxana said...

wow!!!!!!!!!! this has totally blown me over... bravo!!!

i wish you relaxing and joyous winter holidays...

Lydia said...

Freda~ I am a stickler about this: I see no beauty in artificial trees. Mine are always fresh. And I mean fresh because Silverton is surrounded by Christmas tree farms. short article

Roxana~ It makes my day to have such a compliment from one of the best and most creative photographers in the world. :)
Happy New Year to you!



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