Saturday, January 15, 2011

Willow watches some redheads and a deer feeds near the willow

.17 seconds

.11 seconds

It has been a week of sadness with the tragedy in Tucson and the ongoing memorials and funerals, which is why these two really short clips that my husband shot from our kitchen window on Friday morning were such a beautiful escape.

Some of you have seen other clips of Willow, a few of them right from the same window. In this new one she is uncharacteristically still as a House Finch flies from the bush at the window while a Red-Headed Woodpecker snacks on suet at the feeder. But the House Finch changes his mind and returns to sit on the window sill and peek inside (those House Finches are such clowns).

In the second clip you will see the suet feeder swinging in the breeze, while below it is another feeder that we keep filled with cracked sunflower seeds. Deer have discovered this enormously healthy treat and have been cleaning out the feeder on a nightly basis. But Friday morning one deer wanted breakfast.

You can't see it in these clips but just feet away from the bush by the window is a weeping willow tree that the birds love, of course, and the deer seem to feel secure under its protection. They don't sleep under it, however, preferring instead the greater shelter under the Sequoias in our backyard. I tell ya, sometimes it is just like a Disney movie around here!



mythopolis said...

I love to watch the birds out my window, and yes, finches are funny. If I leave my shop door open, as I often do in nice weather, they will come right in and build nests on my storage shelves! I saw an interesting clip on the National Geo channel last night of a cat and a crow that became best friends! They were actually playing, even rolling around on the ground together!

Owen said...

Mighty hard for a cat to have to watch the birds feeding outside... no doubt dreaming of getting out his knife and fork and having one for lunch, and reproaching the humans who keep him inside away from his meal on wings.

Good to watch these and forget about current events for a little while...

Lydia said...

mythopolis~ Glad you are entertained by house finches also! Hey, we just upgraded our cable a few days ago and I nearly turned on Nat. Geo. that same night but did not. So I missed what sounds like my kind of a program; darn.

Owen~ Yes, nice to forget for a bit.
I wonder, since she has lived inside all her 2-1/2 years, if she understands they are food. It is probably instinct. But that full food bowl and all those kisses, and the warming pad at the foot of the bed placed just for her...I think she's a pretty satisfied kitty.



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