Saturday, March 26, 2011

Losing Mallorie's Dairy has driven me (to) nuts

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This is the short post I promised following my prior post-in-mourning the sale of our local Mallorie's Dairy. The 30-second animoto shows me pouring our last two glasses of milk from the last gallon of Mallorie's in our fridge. There is a shot of that last gallon sitting next to the first gallon we bought of the replacement milk selected by our local grocery store. We drink non-fat milk. Mallorie's non-fat milk was delicious, but the replacement didn't come close to the quality.

I researched dairies around Oregon and found one in another county that produces organic milk direct from its own cows and delivers to various stores and customers on a defined route. Unfortunately, Silverton is not on its route for home delivery. I made a special trip to the farm store 12 miles away that is the closest store in our area that sells this organic milk. It was charming to see that it uses glass bottles, for which they charge a $2 deposit. The non-fat organic milk was quite good, though not as creamy as Mallorie's, but the bottle was so small that it amounted to one dinner's worth for the two of us with enough remaining to pour over one bowl of cereal. The drive to purchase it is the main drawback. Case in point, I have yet to return the glass bottle. When I am going that direction I will take it back to the store and purchase another bottle, etc., but it won't be a regular thing.

We were drinking the milk that replaced Mallorie's, much to my discontent, until I discovered (only because I have been attuned to milk of all varieties lately) Silk Pure Almond milk on a shelf in our grocer's cooling case. I noticed there was an unsweetened type, along with flavored kinds, and I bought the unsweetened. That night at dinner I was a happy woman. This stuff is so delicious. I tried Blue Diamond Almond Breeze unsweetened almondmilk also, which is what is in the refrigerator right now. It may be my imagination only because Silk was my first taste of almond milk, but I think I prefer Silk to Blue Diamond. Oh, I thought I had solved my milk woes.....what's not to love?- tastes great, more calcium, fewer calories, no cholesterol.

Then, while working on this post, I read comments at this forum discussing carrageenan contained in almond milk and carrageenan's possible link to tumors. One comment in the forum mentions that Silk does not contain carrageenan but contains evaporated cane juice. I do not presently have a carton of Silk Pure Almond to confirm that, nor do I know about any dangers concerning evaporated cane juice. At the forum link someone gave the recipe for homemade almond milk, which of course would not contain carrageenan but I know that it is something I will not be doing (due to the cost of the almonds alone).

I will be doing more research while continuing to drink almond milk. I will definitely check for ingredients on a Silk almond milk container to see if it indeed does not contain carrageenan and if it does not I will stick with that brand because evaporated cane juice sounds like less a risk for me. And I will mooooove along to another topic in my next post.



mythopolis said...

Mallorie's disappearance is one of those 'signs of the time', I guess. Too bad. Also, a grain of salt on issues of food product research. While, of course, it pays to consider any health risks that might come of consuming certain food/drink, one has to get second opinions, since bad side effects of some organic or alternative food/drink is, in cases, bad research sponsored by the commercial mainstream food industry to scare you back to them. That's my paranoid opinion, anyway.

Kathe W. said...

That's so sad about your local dairy leaving town- it irks me to no end how small businesses that provide a valuable service and jobs (what a concept) have a difficult time making ends meet. We drink Organic Valley milk- a co-op that has locally produced milk. We love it! And it's guaranteed organic by Oregon Tilth.

Fireblossom said...

Even the label on the Mallorie's is pleasing! The other one is boring.

I recently tried Silk myself. It's good!

Lydia said...

mythopolis~ I trust organic products insofar as they do all they can on their own farms. What drifts in on the wind, what bubbles up from underground, they have no power over. I have been buying organic lettuce and cannot believe the difference in taste. btw, I bought a bunch of seed packets at our organic grocery last I have to muster a way to till that fallow garden.

Kathe~ We have drunk Organic Valley and it is indeed good, but not as good as was Mallorie's from which all milk came from cows their cows they had bred and fed on site. Following the sale of Mallorie's, and the subsequent hoopla it raised in this area, the Statesman Journal ran a long article that I cut out (read abstract from archives). In the chart they noted Organic Valley milk as coming from: "24 Oregon and 12 SW Washington Organic Valley producers." I'm sure they are all doing a wonderful job to ensure a terrific product, but the product is exactly what Mallorie's was not, a mish-mash of milk from 36 different dairies, all with different soil, feed, care, etc. The article was such an eye-opener and made me feel truly helpless.

Fireblossom~ That is why I shot them side-by-side, because Mallorie's just sang out "Happy Cows!"
Are you using Silk Soy or Silk Almond. I am careful with soy products because of all the hormone issues. Have you heard of Hemp Milk? It sells out at our organic grocery in Salem faster than I have had a chance to try it.

Sage Ravenwood said...

I grew up on dairy milk, my stepfather worked at a dairy farm and that was one of the benefits - A gallon of free milk a day.

Ironic enough, as an adult I have to watch my dairy intact. Too much and I'm bowed over in pain. Calcium pills are a woman's best friend.

Silk Almond is a beautiful treat in my world. My favorite is the vanilla flavored one. I've been using Silk for years, I'll stand by it for quality. (Hugs)Indigo

Sage Ravenwood said...

Forgot to mention one added benefit of Silk Almond, it doesn't sour like milk. Which is perfect for me. (Hugs)Indy

Lydia said...

Indigo~ Your childhood memories were fun to read about. It is sad that you developed the sensitivity to milk later on, but I guess that is more common than many think. And allergies developed in adulthood appear to be with us for the rest of our lives. All the more reason for you to celebrate Silk Almond, most definitely! I had not considered the added plus that it does not sour. I just love the stuff.

Jeff said...

check out this small ohio creamery,

Maybe someone should start a similar operation in the Willamette Valley and lease Mallories processing plant before it's equipment goes up for auction.

Lydia said...

Jeff~ I will click on that site now and will share it with at least one city council person. Thank you so much for your interest and suggestion. I appreciate your comment!



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