Monday, March 7, 2011

Mentor of Heartbreak: a poem

Salmon of Knowledge by Kat Heatherington

Mentor of Heartbreak

Six months I've wrestled
with our last time together --
when we were not together at all.

I, devastated by much Rose D'Anjou;
You, wondering if I really would jump
over the balcony near our motel room
into the snow.

Our sharing, identified
by a room number,
was diminished in that setting.
You wrapped me in your arms
and I kissed your chest as you slept.

I wished for invisibility before you woke
so you would not see me pale and ill
from the wine,
so I wouldn't have to plan
where you should drive me,
so I would not have to tell you goodbye
while all the while wanting
to say I love you one more time.

That snow gave way to rain in spring.
Lately, while loving summer,
I have considered the spawning of salmon.

- MLydiaM, 1977; March 2011

Jingle Poetry invited me to submit 1-3 poems for Monday Poetry Potluck. Jingle said that, as a first-timer in the Jingle-community of poets, I could submit an old poem and did not have to stick with the theme this Monday: Idols, Role Models, and Mentors. I found an untitled poem in my file that is definitely old, and in a way it has to do with a mentorship of my 20-something fragmented self.



Kavita said...

It's never really easy to plan for a goodbye.. in fact, it sucks!
But as time passes (or even drags on), the anticipation and excitement about a reunion can be sooo exciting!
I like the way you ended your poem... with hope...

I guess that's what keeps us going!! A lovely read!!

mythopolis said...

...poignantly beautiful.....

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

welcome to JP,

Glad to see you share an old piece yet theme fitting...

perfect entry.
well done.


Stafford Ray said...

It is not like me to simply endorse another comment, but this time I say thank you Lydia for a expressing those conflicting feelings so eloquently and Kavita for the comment I would like to claim to have written.

Brian Miller said...

easily relatable...the wanting to be invisible..jumpingoff the balcony into the snow isa bit intese...smiles. i like the salmon touch there at the end

susan said...

The young are so intense :-)

Stickup Artist said...

This makes me think of the cyclical nature of life and even of emotions and that all will run its coarse, play out, and renew.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

have fun, support by visiting a dozen entries starting from the latest one, go backwards, 226, 225, 224, ….214..

your input is appreciated.

kj said...

ah lydia, you make me glad i love poetry. thank you.


Lydia said...

Kavita~ Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Some reunions are celebrated years later, some never transpire. It is a tragedy that some do not, but some never should!

mythopolis~ Thank you. It is strange to look back...

Jingle~ Aw, you are way too kind in your grading of this old poem. :) Thank you for the opportunity to give it a titl!.
I enjoyed being with you this week and am so impressed with the size of the community of poets! Wow.

Stafford Ray~ I thank you for your validation of both!

Brian Miller~ Yeah, that balcony thing was somewhat intense. The salmon ending is what I liked about the poem when I read it again after so many years.

susan~ Uh, yup. It is a wonder they don't just burn themselves out completely. Since we were they once I guess we are lucky we aren't piles of ashes. :)

Stickup Artist~ Yes. That says it.

Jingle~ I promise you that I shall do that.

kj~ You and the others here make me glad I love comments. Thank you. xo

Anonymous said...

You have so beautifully painted the conflict of having to say goodbye while all the while wanting
to say I love you one more time.

Thanks for sharing the wisdom of such an old poem that was written before I was born :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to our potluck. Hope to see more of your work. Victoria

Lydia said...

introspeak~ Thank you for stopping by my blog and for commenting. It is a real indicator that time has passed in the blink of an eye to read that I wrote those feelings before you were born. Just will happen to you, too...and it is very weird and very cool at the same time.

liv2write2day~ Your title is just great and so original! I really appreciate your welcoming me. :)

twinkly sparkles said...

This is a great poem. I know I've read it before on your blog, but I clicked through to it today.

I can relate to it, but that is not why it is a great poem, that is just an added personal bonus for me.

Thanks. Good stuff. twinkly

Lydia said...

Twinkly~ You are full of nice surprises. Thank you for clicking back to this old poem/post and leaving such a nice comment. :)



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