Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mag 60 - Allow me to introduce myself

Human beings were invented by water as a device for transporting itself from one place to another.
Tom Robbins (Another Roadside Attraction)

Ms. Glass: It is customary, prior to consumption, to introduce yourself to the others who will share with                 you this segment of your individual journeys. Who wants to go first?

Drop #1: I am Akvo and can speak for all here, as I am international by nature. I am Esperanto.

Ms. Glass: That is kind of you to offer to speak for everyone, Akvo, but I would like to hear from others                 directly because none of you will pass this way again.

Drop #2: Excited to be here. By way of a cloud above Slovenia, where they called me Voda, I am known                 as d^wr in my native Wales.

Condensation crowd
: I am Voda from Bulgaria! As am I, from Bosnia! I am Danish and am Voda! And I                 am Voda in Macedonian! From Russia and Serbia...Voda is our name, too! And we are                 known as Voda in Slovak and Slovenian! I am a Croatian known as Voda! Czech!--all of us                 Vodas are here.

Drop #3: My name is Catalan. Aigua.

Drop #4
: In my native land, this land, please call me by my Cherokee name: Ama.

Drop #5: In Germany we say: Komm in. .. das Wasser ist in Ordnung.

Drop #6: That means in English: Come on in...the Water is fine!

Ms. Glass
: I detect a slight accent, Water?

Drop #6: Oui. I am from Quebec, where my first language was French.

Drop #7: I am from France! Call me Eau.

Drop #8: You may not know that the language of Paraguay is Guarani. In that language they call me                 simply Y.

Drop #9: That is a short name, Y! Mine is fun because it is Malay you would know me
                as Air!

Drop #10: Hi.

Ms. Glass: Hello to you. Please tell us who you are.

Drop #10: Hi, my name is Hi! It is Chechen.

Ms. Glass: {smiles}

: {listening and glistening}

Drop #11: Happy to introduce myself in Chinese. Shouei.

Drop #12: I have two names. Long story. My Basque name is Ura. My Corsican name is Acqua.

Drop #13: Do you prefer one over the other? Just curious. Oh, and I am Djour from Armenia.

Drop #12
: Actually, I would prefer to be called Jal, because the one I love is Bengali. She is a real little                 tiger {winks}!

Drop #13: In Hebrew my name is pronounced Mayim.

Drop #14: I am Finnish. Call me Vesi.

Drop #15: Nice name. I am Mool from Korea.

Ms. Glass: Is there anyone here from the African continent?

Drop #16: Thank you for asking this. I come originally from Mali, where Soninke is spoken. There I am                 called Dji.

Drop #17: Yes, from Kenya, where Swahili is the official language. My name is Maji.

Drop #18: I have visited your country two years ago. I am homesick for my own land. My Persian name                 sounds like âb.

Ms. Glass
: We are nearly ready for departure. There is time for one more....

Drop #19
: Good, because it all sounds Greek to me! I am Nero and I say, Let us stop fiddling around and                 get on our way!

Drop #20
: Oh! Can I tag along if I add quickly that I am Tubig in Tagalog?

Ms. Glass: Yes, Tubig, of course. Ready, everyone? .....It is time to get drunk! Bon Voyage!
MLydiaM ~ April 2011

This work of fiction is inspired by the photo prompt (top of post) by Tess Kincaid at Magpie Tales. Visit her blog to read more magpies by over 100 writers!



ds said...

Love this! So many ways to name water (especially like "air"--the possibilities). Thank you.

Stickup Artist said...

You are very clever. One always thinks of writing about rain and its effects, but not writing from rain's point of view! Your piece is all the more poignant after one scrolls down from the header and the dry lake bed!

Fireblossom said...

Who knew all that was going on? Why can't I ever hear them talking???

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Quote for you:

Ford: "This is worse than being drunk"

Arthur: "What's so bad about being drunk?"

Ford: "Try asking a glass of water"

From the Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy

Top quality story - loved the idea of the different waters all in one

Donna B said...

Great! Very creative and unique.

Bee's Blog said...

This is a brilliant piece. I am in awe of your imagination and wonderful take on the photo.

Rob-bear said...

Full marks for the research; full marks for the writing. A double first.

Lydia said...

ds~ Thanks! Yes, so many names. Reminds me of how many different names the Eskimos have for snow. A startling number, but I don't recall exactly how many.

Stickup Artist~ Thank you. It is the strangest thing that you would mention the dry lake bed where I was sitting in my header photo. A town about 25 miles from there, Burns, is having a flood scare this weekend due to an earthen dike losing its structure. The emergency could extend into Monday & Tuesday, when rain is expected. Weird for them to be worried about water!

Fireblossom~ I know! I don't know!

Pixies~ What a perfect joke for this post! Thank you for leaving it behind with your comments that I appreciate so much.

Donna B~ Thank you for your (first?) visit to my blog and for leaving comments.

Bee's~ And thank you for your first(?) visit here. I am flattered by your comments and the follow. :)

Rob-bear~ Your kind words are grrrr8 to read! Thank you. :)

mythopolis said...

But Wait! What about me? Drop 21? , (so called because I am 2 parts Hydrogen, and 1 part oxygen.) I can be quite icy upon meeting. But once you get to know me, I melt. And if you get to know me very well, I am a gas.

Lydia said...

mythopolis~ With an introduction like that Ms. Glass has appointed you head of the next Thirst Break Tumbler. I wonder who will be joining you; hmmmm....undoubtedly a scientific group of drops.

Steve Isaak said...

Distinctive, lively, enjoyable piece.

Lydia said...

Steve Isaak~ Thank you so much for your comment.

Freda said...

Brilliant! You have a wonderful slant on things - and it is so true!

Lydia said...

Freda~ I am flattered you would think that. Thanks much!



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