Tuesday, May 24, 2011

JOPLIN, for Joplin.....

Misery 'n  -by Janis Joplin

I've been misery 'n,
Ever since my daddy gone, yeah.
I've been, honey, I've been misery 'n, yes I have, now.
Ever since my, since my daddy gone, gone, gone.
But I believe that it won't,
Baby, it won't be too long,
If I just could hang on,
Yeah, until my, till my misery
Will all be gone.

Whoa, I said my rooms, you know,
They're so empty, empty, empty, empty, empty.
Filled up with sadness, sometimes, yeah.
My rooms are so empty, empty, empty, empty.
Child, filled up with sadness, honey, sometimes, sometimes.

Oh well it just, it just moves in,
Like the fog rolls in.
And I find i, well I can't see you, baby,
For my tears.

But I've tried.
Don't you know I've tried.
Cried, cried, cried, cried, cried.
Baby now, I've been missin' you.
Oh, I've been missin' you, babe!

Yeah, and it all seems to bother me
Much more that it seems it should be.
So, baby, now, now,
Baby, now, now,
Baby, tell me why,
Does it have to be
Oh, so wrong for me ?

I never thought I could ever want anybody,
No, no, no, never did, I never did.
Why am I feelin' so strange ? ? ?
Whoaaaaa, I never, never, never needed nobody, no, no,
But maybe you could help me
Why am I feelin' so strange ?

Yeah, an' I've got me a great,
An' I've got a great big bed
With two pillows for my head.
Hey, but lately I been sleepin', sleepin' alone.

But I've tried,
Don't you know I've tried.
Cried, cried,
You know how I've cried.
An', an' baby, I've been missin' you.

Don't you know I've tried.
Cried, cried, cried, cried,
Baby now, I've been missin' you.

Don't you know I've tried.
Cried, cried,
You know how I've cried.
An', an' baby, I've been missin' you,
Yeah ...



rosaria said...

I came in through some other blog, got fascinated by your profile description and then settled in to read Janice J. Nice visit.

mythopolis said...

It still makes me sad to think of Janice, even this many years later...

Roxana said...

how great they all were, back then - and how beautiful... they really lived burning...

as much as i love him and the Chelsea Hotel song, i could never forget Cohen for writing publicly about her, in those words, those details...

Lydia said...

rosaria~ I am touched and honored by your comments and the follow. Thank you so much!

mythopolis~ Yes. Indeed.

Roxana~ Ah, the way you describe them it is as if you were there too, Roxana. So beautifully said.
Did you mean you could never forgive Cohen....? Maybe so, because the song has a bitterness to it that runs in opposition to his other celebrations of love and sex (seems to me).

Roxana said...

oh, yes 'forgive'! not that i can forget it either :-)

Lydia said...

Roxana~ Thought so, thought not. :)

Rhiannon said...

Hmmm...I always loved Leonard Cohens "Chelsea Hotel" song..I have that one and have listened to it often. I had thought that was about Joni Mitchell and not Janis. Though I have heard half say it's about Joni,the other half say that it's about Janis. I actually find that song pretty much Leonard in his "prose" and honest soul searching. He's a poet he writes his experiences. So does Joni too I believe. He's not really like anyone else you know? He he..:o)

"and who shall I say is calling"?..well I just love Leonard. He's the kind of person I would to be able to sit down in a nice comfortable room near a fireplace with low lights..and asking him about his "muse" his poems,his songs. Since I write poetry I really like the true honest heartfelt soul searching that he does. I think I would walk away hopefully with a lot of food for thought.

In regards to Janis. Have you ever listened to her live version of "Ball and chain" where she stops in the middle of it and talks about how life is so short and that "you know were all are the same "Blank" (bad word) train man"..and about appreciating the moment. There are a few live version of "Ball and chain" but this one special one is very different and just the best Janis ever! Look for it on Youtube if you can Lydia...She stops singing and starts talking about "the train" mid way I think..oooh I just love it when she did that.

Oh! One more thing. Have you ever heard Nico's "Chelsea girls"? I have that too..all her stuff. I admit I continue to mourn and miss Janis, Laura Nyro, Jim M. and Nico still...always will I think. So glad to still have Leonard continuing to sing and write his deep intense soul searching and honest and true meaningful poems and songs. He is a very very special man and person. He's "cool" without caring that he is cool. I like that!

It's so far a cool spring and I am loving it...hope this summer will not be hot. Last year was awful. How about you?

Love Rhi

Lydia said...

Rhi~ You are right that Leonard Cohen is like nobody else! I cannot stand to think of the time when we hear he is, well...you know (I cannot bear to write it).
Your comment made me want to hear some Joni Mitchell so I played one of her CDs today and enjoyed it so much.
I think it is sweet that you mentioned artists you love, with Memorial Day and all.
Glad you are enjoying spring so far. We have had too much rain and it's been gloomy. I, too, hope for a mile summer. Fingers crossed!

Rhiannon said...

"Troubled child, just like the waves on Malibu"...that's my all time favorite Joni...I kind of relate to it, being "weird" and different and all. I will continue to be "weird" and me just like "the waves on Malibu"...been there coming from LA and all...many many times..

Glad Joni is still around. Has she ever stopped smoking yet?

Later, my friend..yeah the rain is a bit dreary...but hope summer is cool for sure..and then into beautiful fall.

Lydia said...

Rhi~ You may be weird but in a good way!
I think I read not too long ago that Joni was still smoking. She had reconnected with a daughter (I think she had given her up at birth, but don't remember for sure).



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