Friday, May 27, 2011

Mag 67 -- Fools Feast

Fools Feast

With a wall between them --
       invisible to guests
       their crafty smoke screen --
they set a feast for fools.
Nay, eat those words!
They sit like fools
and feast on thoughts
of vengeance. Morsels of new
meat tempt his hungry gaze,
while she lifts her focus on
the one in the shadows. He
has been fashioned in the eye
of a monocle, but she knows
not where his fancy lies -- so
she hazily considers his lips.
       And the lute plays on.

                                   MLydiaM ~ May 2011

This magpie was inspired by Banquet Scene with a Lute Player by Nicolas Tournier, 1625, the writing prompt this week at Magpie Tales. Tess Kincaid at Magpie Tales will be taking a well-deserved break on Memorial Day this coming Monday. I wish her a great extended weekend and am happy to have the extra time to read lots of other magpies. 



Ricardo Miñana said...

Beautiful picture and beautiful poetry,
a party full of thoughts.

I wish you a happy weekend.
a kiss.

Helen said...

I love the lazy, dreamy feeling of your Magpie!

mythopolis said...

wonderfully written!!

Lydia said...

Ricardo~ Thank you for your lovely comment, good wish and kiss! May your weekend be wonderful, too.

Helen~ Why, thank you...and I must say how much I love your new profile shot!

mythopolis~ Means a lot, that comment does. :)

Anonymous said...

They all wear a look which says "I want to be a thousand miles away from here!"

Enjoyed this take on the prompt Lydia!

Brian Miller said...

nice love it...fools vengence...the playful seriousness of this is fun...

Kathe W. said...

they do look bored don't they! Clever and well written!

Liz - Old Raven said...

I found your response to this painting unique, but very apt and it simply fit the painting so well. I think that I did death because everything was so dark. This was also well crafted.

Vagabonde said...

My first visit to your blog. I saw your comment on Stafford Ray’s blog and came to visit. I liked your Magpie poem. I also enjoyed very much your old postcard post. I have been collecting old postcards since I was a child and have a large amount. I try to include some in my posts when I can. It was interesting reading about the birth of the Pacific Highway. We drive on it every time we visit my daughter in Long Beach, Ca. I guess it is the same highway? I’ll come back.

Stafford Ray said...

Yes, I enjoyed your poem too and had the same reaction as jane. They were all too detached. But then again, they probably sat for hours for the artist, so 'boring' was the word and 'don't eat the poultry' would have been the advice!

susan said...

In olden days it was quite common for a young daughter to be married to a father's friend. I believe fortunes were preserved and compounded that way but not the happiness of women.

Your poem describes the scene most eloquently.

Suze said...

Enjoy your break, Tess. Love the banner of this blog. Very unique.

Rhiannon said...

It's a good poem Lydia and does seem to describe the painting scene well. life has changed since those days hasn't it?

Blessings, Love Rhi

Lydia said...

Jane~ Yes, they really do! Great to have you here. :)

Brian~ "Playful seriousness" perfectly describes my mood when I wrote it. Thanks. :)

Kathe~ Thank you, and yes they do look so very bored. :)

Liz~ Thanks much. I appreciate your comment and enjoyed your first visit here. :)

Vagabonde~ And I enjoyed your first visit here too...looking forward to discovering your blog and hope to see some of your old postcards! It seems it is the Pacific Highway, from the description. What a gorgeous drive it is!

Stafford Ray~ Boredom leads to all sorts of problems, not the least of which may be an inclination to spice things up with a new dish (poultry, and otherwise). I noticed quite a few magpies referred to that bird. :)

susan~ I love that "in olden days" phrase; it always gets me. I would not, however, have loved living under such marital rules.
Is it springtime there yet? :)

Suze~ Thank you for the compliment on my banner! (It is a self-portrait from 1994.)
I hope Tess enjoys her break, too. She deserves a week free from reading dozens-upon-dozens of magpie (lovingly created though they may be!).

Rhi~ After reading susan's comment I am more than happy that much has changed. That does not mean, however, that I would not jump on board a time machine to take a look if given the chance! xo

brenda w said...

My piece also has the lady considering the lips of the ghostly one. We were of like mind on this Magpie. I like your poem and hope this Monday finds you well. I checked out your double rainbows. They are beautiful. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. I lost one dear to me not even six months ago. It comes up frequently.

Lydia said...

brenda w~ Thank you for your comments, as they are much appreciated.
Am anxious to read your Magpie...on my way now.

Bee's Blog said...

Your wonderfully written piece conjures up for me, a feeling of decadence - a totally laid back decadence. Enjoyed it tremendously.

Lydia said...

Bee's Blog~ Interesting. That was along my line of thought. I appreciate your feedback, Bee!

Steve Isaak said...

Good, engaging stuff. =)

Lydia said...

Steve Isaak~ Thank you; much appreciated.



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