Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Old Postcard Wednesday--Shore Road, Lake Tahoe, California

. . . you’ll catch your first glimpses of Lake Tahoe and begin to understand why Mark Twain once wrote that it was 
“the fairest picture the whole earth affords.” [Source here]

Lake Tahoe, the lake of my childhood and adolescence.....
The 72-mile drive around the Lake was always a favorite activity and I have no idea how many times I have been on that road, but it was certainly not the Shore Road shown in this perfectly beautiful old postcard. I can also attest to the total lack of cows along that drive. There are certainly none close by the Lake, and the view of these two lazily clopping along the dirt road is a site I never imagined before. As sad as it sounds, I cannot envision Lake Tahoe in this kind of natural setting. But what a gorgeous place on the earth it is still today, and the drive around the Lake is well worth the trip.

Let's have some fun together and take a virtual tour around Lake Tahoe. Since I can choose a time in history for this trip I pick my childhood. Jump into my mother's Silver Streak convertible with my little sis on the left and me on the right there in the back seat (no seat belts, of course) and enjoy the smell of the pines and mountain-fresh air while viewing gorgeous Lake Tahoe from vantage points along the way.

Your Informative Virtual Tour of Lake Tahoe's Scenic 72 mile Shoreline
You are about to embark on a scenic journey unlike any in the world. This interactive web map is designed to guide you through many of the natural and man-made wonders in the Lake Tahoe Basin, all on "The Most Beautiful Drive in America."

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America. It's 22 miles long and 12 miles wide and contains an estimated 39.75 trillion gallons of water, enough to cover the entire state of California to a depth of 14 inches. The water is 99.99% pure, and it's said that a white dinner plate can be seen to a depth of 75 feet. Lake Tahoe's altitude is 6,225 feet above sea level. It is bisected by the California/Nevada state line. Spectacular recreation, entertainment and scenic beauty can be enjoyed year-round.

I liked that tour a lot. If the Virtual Tour wasn't enough for you below is a time-lapse video, taken from a later model vehicle than the convertible, along a portion of the shoreline road.

I think my inner child will linger in Tahoe awhile in a ducky inner tube.

(I had never heard the sweet song played in the time-lapse video and felt a need to identify it.  
Sierra Nevada was written by Joel Herron. The version playing in the video may be sung by
Jimmy Wakely, or possibly by the Sons of the Pioneers who cut several different versions. Click here for a different video with the song sung by that group -- the video features beautiful scenes of the Sierra Nevadas, including at Lake Tahoe.)



mythopolis said...

Well, I absolutely loved the old family photos!! And that video was a 'joyride'. I'm not sure what kind of car that was, but I could tell by the whine of the engine it was something sporty. (I was holding on to my seat when it went around a couple of hairpin turns!!) How lucky to grow up there. Surely much has changed over the years. I've only been there once, but thought it was beautiful!

izzy said...

Wow! HOW LOVELY- my memory of lake Tahoe was on horseback, in '67 (or there abouts) when I was a young teen! We went overnight and camped out...I was working w/ a 4 yr. old mare who had just begun
her partnership with humans. "Pokey"
really had a good head on her and I really remember enjoying that experience!
Thanks for sharing this- wish I could have ridden around the whole lake-

rosaria said...

Thanks for the tour. It brought back memories of our early married years.

Olga said...

What a wonderful trip - not only around the lake, but into your memories :)

susan said...

I was just about to say what Olga just did say. Keep Tahoe Blue!

Rob-bear said...

Reminds me of driving through the Rocky Mountains in Canada, a trip I've taken several times.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

We have roads much like this in the north of England and, of course, all the way through Scotland - with sheer drops and mountains all around

The song made me think about the fact that i saw an advert a while ago for people interested in forming a Barbershop Quartet - i should've gone just for the curiosity factor, but didn't (sigh)

BTW - my memories of California, 1977 are vague now, but i do remember an endless drive in the back of a hot car to a reservoir. I think i was sick due to the heat

Lydia said...

mythopolis~ So happy that you appreciated the post and the old photos. I have some great memories of times at Tahoe. One that just came to mind was the first reunion for my high school class....the day following graduation evening! A fairly good group met at Hidden Beach, shot vodka into watermelons (doctors' kids came with supplies), and enjoyed one more day together.

izzy~ Fascinating story and sweet memory about you and Pokey. I, too, had a horse camping experience in the Sierras...but between Carson City and Lake Tahoe. We saw tiny lakes down in some small valley from the trail. The reason you and I fondly recall these trips is because they truly are stand-out events that most will never experience. :)

rosaria~ Your early married years must have been in the Tahoe region? What a romantic place to begin a life together. :)

Olga~ What a sweet thing for you to say! Thank you.

susan~ Indeed, keep Tahoe blue! In my childhood photo the lake looks muddy-colored, but of course it is because of photo deterioration. I tried to enhance it, to no avail and thought it was a good lesson: when a pure lake is ruined it is difficult to reverse the damage.

Rob-bear~ Oh, Bear, I have driven in the Canadian Rockies only once and as I type this I have goosebumps because the memory is so powerful. It took my breath away and was one of the most beautiful places I could imagine on the earth.

Pixies~ I'd love to see the sites from the roads you mentioned. Sounds spectacular!
Darn, you should have gone for that Barbershop Quartet...maybe they didn't fill each spot, so you should check. In the meantime, I love this guy, "trudbol," at youtube, who does Barbershop Quartet songs all on his own (he is the best at this technique that I have found at youtube). I just received this notice today about his collaboration with a friend and it reminded me of you and Argent.

mythopolis said... the reunion day after idea. I just got an info for our 50th!!! Shreikkkk!!!!

Hattie said...

My sister has a condo at Tahoe. I visited her a while ago and found that Tahoe has not lost its magic in spite of the changes.
The altitude bothered me, though. It takes a couple of days to get used to it.

Lydia said...

mythopolis~ You might think Shriekkkk! but I bet it would be a wonderful time. It seems like only yesterday when I was sad my mother could not attend her 50th high school reunion, and mine is on the horizon. Time is a freaky thing.

Hattie~ My cousins kept the cabin at Tahoe built by my uncle, but I have not been there in decades. Way too long. Your sister is fortunate!



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