Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Old Postcard Wednesday--Lagoon and Municipal Auditorium, Long Beach, California

This image seemed more a collection of individual studies in art than a postcard scene to me, thus . . .


~~~Addendum following original publication of this post: For a sweet tribute to the Municipal Auditorium and Rainbow Pier, including information on its lifespan, click HERE.~~~



Don't Feed The Pixies said...

that's a really cool idea to focus on the specific ideas and zoom in. i love that you managed to make each a unique re-interpretation.

The actual postcard puts me in mind of the big attractions at Blackpool and Brighton where they still have a big tourist industry for the piers and the sea view

The last time i stayed away from home for any length it was in a small seaside town and every day i made the point of just walking down to the pier, then along it and just watching the water underneath. I still dont know why no one else on the same course as me was doing the same thing. Weird

BTW - i dont have any musical reaction to this post for a change - though i suspect i could stretch to Cliff Richard "Summer Holiday" if you wish? :)

Rob-bear said...

Yes, "Summer Holiday" would be an ideal musical piece for this.
I wonder when the picture was taken, and whether the Auditorium is still standing. Time changes so many things.

Lydia said...

Pixies~ Would you believe that I had never heard of that song? So, of course, I looked it up and first hit was this original footage for karaoke from a Japanese site I've never been to before...It does seem perfect for this card.

The reason no one else was doing the same thing as you by looking at the water under the pier is because you look at the world differently than the average person (I would have said "average bear" but it would be an affront to the good bear who commented after you.)

Rob-bear~ Please read my comments above to Pixies re the song (and perfect it is).
You know that I make a habit of usually researching the background of the postcards I post for OPW. I did not this week, and so we both were left wondering about the auditorium. I added an addendum to the post with one person's tribute to the Municipal Auditorium and Rainbow Pier....(sigh)

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

yep - that's the one. Cliff, billed initially as the British Elvis - he's still going, though far more wrinkly.

Summer Holiday (and The Young Ones) were his equivalent of the Elvis films - the plot is effectively that he and his work mates take an old Routemaster bus from the factory where they work and go on a driving holiday around Europe - only a rich heiress disguses herself as a boy to go with them (very badly disguses herself as it goes), everyone thinks she's been kidnapped, she is revealled as a girl, falls in love with Our Hero and it all ends happily with lots of singing along the way

Herself is a Cliff fan as it happens - but then none of us is perfect :)

Lydia said...

Pixies~ That is fascinating, a truly kooky plot in keeping with those times! I had never heard of him or the song. He must not have been "marketed" over here very well or perhaps only in the larger cities.

(There are lots worse acts to be a fan of than this guy.)

mythopolis said...

I love those close-ups. They seem like
a cross-over of pointilist painting and satellite spy cam.



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