Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mag 78 -- defined in black and white

image: Tess Kincaid

Some see the world defined in black and white,
painting themselves and "them" into corners,
resigned that they are right, with their heads stuck
into sand on an earth that was designed--to their delight--
exactly as God planned 6000 years ago--"them" not in mind.
And they will smite, and they will take a stand
against those not confined to live in spite,
against those in this land whose words
seem too refined--when seen in light--words they'd like
to see banned. They would rather fly blind, give up
their sight, let the country coast unmanned
than to be so inclined any day, any night,
middle-gray or COLOR to understand.

MLydiaM ~ August 2011

This Magpie was inspired by the above photo prompt at MAGPIE TALES.....many more Magpies here.



Deborah said...


Alan Burnett said...

A splendidly thoughtful piece which made me question whether I am a black and white or a colour person. The conclusion I came to is that I am more of a 236 shades of grey person.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

i dont know why - but for some reason this put me in mind of the Roger McGough poem below. I love your pome - very thought provoking...

now i'm sadly lowercase, with only the occasional italic

francessa said...

Beautiful words set between the rebellious and the philosphical.

Helen said...

Oh ... your Magpie is inspired!!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love it! So very true :)

Kittie Howard said...

OMG, but this is awesome!

And you're awesome, Lydia. For some reason I paused and read your profile - glad I did - you inspire!

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Excellent words - it is true that some of us paint ourselves into dark little corners and refuse to see the light.

Anna :o]

Lydia said...

Deborah~ Gosh, thanks!

Alan~ Thank you. A 236 shades of grey person seems a great person to me.

Pixies~ Ah, your intriguing mind and the way it works. Love the McGough not familiar with him or this poem.

francessa~ Thank you to one who knows me as only a close friend could. :)

Helen~ Many thanks! Glad to see you have returned to God's country from the midwest (not that there's anything wrong with the midwest!).

Amber Lee~ I appreciate your comment!

Kittie~ What a lovely thing for you to tell me in your comment! I feel honored by your words.

HyperCRITICal~ Thank you for your visit here and for your comments. :)

WINDOWLAD said... are excellent here... i like how you handle the prompt with some touch of realism.. after reading this i was deeply moved and at the same time inspired... thank you creating this piece!(:

Brightest blessings!


Lydia said...

WINDOWLAD~ Kelvin, I think you are excellent at your blog, so I considered your comment a compliment. Thank you.
I love your Brightest blessings wish and send the same to you.



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