Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spacing out on BLUE

abstract blue by Jitka Anlaufova
abstract blue by Jitka Anlaufova

"It suddenly struck me that that tiny
pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth.
I put up my thumb and shut one eye,
and my thumb blotted out the planet
Earth. I didn't feel like a giant.
I felt very, very small."
                                     --Neil Armstrong

Painting Title: La Vie 1903
Pablo Picasso: Early/Blue Period Paintings

Bob Dylan - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Live)
Get More: Bob Dylan - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Live)

Planet X7 by Greg Simanson

Now, here is a strange poem I found at a unique poetry site!

The Blue Planet by Andrew Shiston

We search for life on a planet some believe the twin of earth
The blue planet from whence we came ->->
Not your blue planet Oo
But one that looked the same ><
Now seen from the darkened sky ~+~
From an alien piece of steel #
Not even with the naked eye <>
Through the lens (==========)
Of the thunder gods that fly !^!



Don't Feed The Pixies said...

rather predicatably i am going to respond on the subject of music.

Dylan was one of those artists who for years I was convinced that I didn't like and then persuaded myself to re-evaluate. His singing style is distinctive, to say the least, but i have to admit that one of my favourites to play on my guitar now is Don't Think Twice It's Alright, which i love.

And the robot reminded me of Forbidden Planet starring Leslie Nielsen (who thanks to the Airplane movies you keep expecting to pull a sight gag that never happens) - and thus my brief stint in the small but vital role of Third Guitarist From The Left in the musical Return To The Forbidden Planet.

We did two stints and my favourite part was always at the end where we did an encore of "Mustang Sally" - only in the second run the musical director didn't think the song appropriate and we dropped it in favour of some god-awful medley that never got the crowd half as happy

Lydia said...

Pixies~ Do photos or possibly a video survive from Return to the Forbidden Planet, with you doing "Mustang Sally"? If there is a vid, you should stick it out there on youtube...could go viral!
Bob Dylan's music was always different for me. Only in the last decade or so has my appreciation grown into full-out love for everything he did. His music brings me to tears for what was...

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

hi Lydia - i do have a picture somewhere I did hear a rumour of a video that was going to be shown to the cast - but i never saw it.

I had one guitar solo - during Great Balls Of Fire, and mostly stood in the background playing bass (which i bought especially for the show and still occasionally play), guitar and fighting imaginary aliens!

It was far more fun than having a main role, as no pressure whatsoever :)

If i can find the picture I may do a post...

Rob-bear said...

What an interesting collection of things blue — delightful multi-media presentation.
And just to complete the picture, "Song Sung Blue," by Neil Diamond. (A good song for a Foxtrot.)

Lydia said...

Pixies~ I so hope you find the picture and make a post around it. Great Balls of Fire, that would be great!

Rob-bear~ A good old song it is, although I have never officially learned the Foxtrot. On the bucket list, my blue pail of wishes.

Muhammad Israr said...

wow...armstrong...nice words these are... can be interpreted in a much deeper way :) thanks for sharing these all wonderful pics as ever by you :)

Lydia said...

Muhammad Israr~ Some of the most lovely quotes come from astronauts. It would be interesting for someone to put together a little book containing those from astronauts from all countries.



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