Monday, October 17, 2011


Outwitted by Edwin Markham

He drew a circle that shut me out —
Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.
But love and I had the wit to win:
We drew a circle that took him in.


Alexander Overwijk draws a perfect freehand circle 1m in diameter
in less than a second.



Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Some years ago Peter Gabriel went on tour to promote his "Us" album - i guess it was mid to late 1990s, but anyway - the point is that he had two stages: one square at the back and one circular in the audience, connected by a long walkway. The stage, as with the album, was supposed to represent us and them - with the idea being that it was time that we stopped filling up the box marked "them" and including everyone in the "us"

So the short reply is that your poem reminded me of that concept.

The chap drawing the circle - must have taken a lot of practice :)

Don't Feed The Pixies said...
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Don't Feed The Pixies said...

that should say "and started including everyone", but you get my point

Muhammad Israr said...

1m circle with freehand and that too in less than a second? unbelievable... :) and the lines...first he draws a circle and then you draw :)

izzy said...

I have been re-acquainting myself with the Dalai Lama's Ethics for the Millennium- He begins talking about
fractures in modern( western) society of anxiety and depression
due to our drive for 'independence'.
Science having the answers over
Religion- We need to come back to interdependence (and some intimacy I imagine) There you go with circles
and- Us and Them!

rosaria said...

And I can't even write legibly any more.

Lydia said...

Pixies~ Another of your amazing stories from the rock world. This one is really special, too. Makes me wonder if there is an image out there of the stages taken from above, or a video at youtube. Thanks!

Muhammad Israr~ Isn't that impressive?! What an interesting teacher he is. I liked the way he humbly explained his championship to his class. I don't think that the boy who was videotaping this was expecting much...maybe he was, but it seemed to me that he was surprised at what the teacher just accomplished in front of him!

izzy~ Fascinating, heartening information! It must be a book and now you have me intrigued to look for it. I admire the Dalai Lama. He probably would like this simple little poem. I found it in an anthology of various writings that belonged to my grandmother, one of my go-to books for the kind of stuff I can't seem to find anywhere online. It's an old, old book - a fine one.

rosaria~ Oh is that so?! Well, you sure can drop those one-liners that make people erupt into laughter at their computers! :0

Brian Miller said...

wow...ok the vid is crazy....i really like the verse bleeds compassion for me...

Mary said...

Wow, that is one amazing video. I can't imagine how he can do this and so easily. Thank you for our comments in my blog. I came back once again to visit yours and am now a follower. Thus you will see me again.

twinkly sparkles said...

I was more impressed with the guy drawing the circle than I thought I'd be, but I was not overly impressed. I like the poem a lot, though, and I like that both the poem and video led your readership to write great comments.

Kathe W. said...

and I bet he's a great teacher too!

The Noiseless Cuckooclock said...

4 lines,
witty and funny,
glad to see you win.

Lydia said...

Brian~ Bet you didn't know there was a circle-drawing championship. (Neither did I.) I like the verse too, love your description of it more.

Mary~ Your dog portrait avatar just delights me so and I am honored to have it among the other beautiful faces in those follower blocks! Shall return to your blog too. Am glad you enjoyed the video.:)

twinkly sparkles~ The way you expressed your feelings in your first sentence is exactly one of the reasons I think you would be fascinating to know in person. :)
So, count yourself among those with great comments.

Kathe~ That is what I thought, exactly. The kind I so appreciated when I was in school, and wished everyone else appreciated him/her the way I did!

The Noiseless Cuckooclock~ Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving your charming verse. I loved it!



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