Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Flash 55 -- when blood is not thicker than water.....

Why was I emancipated at 14, you ask? I couldn't handle one more family Halloween party, that's why.

The yearly contest for “best” idea preceded insane rehearsals before Halloween night. This year they loved Randall's engineering that turned phones into paintball squirt-guns.

When I showed the judge these grotesque pictures he signed my walking papers!

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I found the images at the blog It's an Ad, Ad, Ad, Ad World. The author credited them as:
Public Service campaign by the Bangalore Traffic Police
Advertising Agency: Mudra Group, India Executive Creative Director: Joono Simon Art Director: Vinci Raj Copywriter: Akhilesh Bagri Photographer: Mallikarjun Retouching: Sathish Published: 2009  

Seriously, you can obtain information about Emancipation of Minors in the United States here, including a link at the bottom of that page that takes you to a chart of emancipation laws of all U.S. States.



mythopolis said...

Reminds me of performance art...shock theater....

Muhammad Israr said...

ah...scary ....

n u do not visit my blogs anymore :(

Brian Miller said...

oh crazy would that be...and a shock to someone too...ha. yep walk on.

izzy said...

Wow now that is messy! hopefully not sticky & gooey too-
I could have used emancipation back when- Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Came here from Flash Friday.
Great images!
I like your story linking with them, a cute idea!

Darlene said...

Clever and funny. Thanks for a morning smile.

kj said...


i don't follow flash friday, lydia, but you win!

this is so clever i will chuckle over it all weekend


rosaria said...

That would freak me out anytime.

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

A bloody emancipation proclamation!

Monkey Man said...

That was cool.

Lydia said...

mythopolis~ I don't think I would like shock theater very much!

Muhammad Israr~ But I do visit. I was there early this morning, even before I read your comment!

Brian~ I googled to see if there actually was a cellphone paintball gun, and so far it has not been invented. But there are cellphone stunguns.

izzy~ I like to envision the ad team there in Bangalore as they came up with this idea at the round table!
I had a decent family life, but when I heard of someone in my school being emancipated I thought it was just so cool. :)

mylittlewordz~ Thank you for visiting. I hope you come back another FF55, because this one is really not my best work. Will visit yours soon.

Darlene~ My pleasure. I hope those three models were well-paid for this work!

kj~ teehee.My mind was in a weird space when I saw these images. If you were a follower of FF55 you would see quickly that many others did much better work this week!.:)

rosaria~ Same here. We are having "marine weather" today in Silverton, so I wonder what it is like at the coast. Fall is here, no doubt about it.

Bubba~ Oh, how I laughed when I read your marvelously clever comment!

Monkey Man~ Thanks. The overall message of that ad campaign was strong enough to make a point, I think. At least in Oregon talking on cellphones while driving has been outlawed (not that I did it in the first place!).

G-Man said...

I Want One!!!
October is going to be One Wild Month
I can Tell Already
Loved your 55 Lydia
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Owen said...

Pushing the boundaries of creativity... I'm going to be careful with my phone from here on out...

Rob-bear said...

Oh, my. One item of profound creativity after another!
Exceptional, again.

Lydia said...

G-Man~ Thanks much for stopping by while you are on vacation! Don't know what your plans are but I'm sure you have nothing but fun in mind. :)

Owen~ No kidding. I did find a vid at youtube taken at a techy show, in which a young man was showing his "first generation" program for cellphone that recognizes opponents by the color of shirt they are wearing, which I guess in turn makes them easy prey. yuk.

Rob-bear~ Why, thank you. I was going to include a link to an article about an Oregon museum featuring fiberglass bear sculptures, but the online copy doesn't have it. Darn. It was interesting!

Anonymous said...

brilliant in a "boo" bad sorta way. Love how you incorporated a bit of serious info in this fun 55!

(btw, thank you for visiting and your kind comments, Lydia) ~ angela

hope said...

Yep, those should be fodder for running away. :)

Doctor FTSE said...

Very creative post. Thank you.

Lydia said...

yellowhousecafe~ Great to have a visit from you; I enjoyed your blog so much last evening.

hope~ Most definitely!

Doctor FTSE~ Yours this week was hundreds times more creative than this, so thank you for your kind comment.

Fireblossom said...

Lordy, woman. But, I am thinking there are a good many phone zombies who need this to happen.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the flow of this 55..... Thanks for stopping by and commenting on mine, also. :)

Lydia said...

Fireblossom~ Your opening line just cracked me up! Agree about those phone zombies.

Matthew~ Thanks for your comment and for paying me a visit!

Kathe W. said...

well now- that's a different way to stop those annying cell phone users- BUT just a bit extreme-who does think of these things?

Rob-bear said...

Fibreglass Bear sculptures? Oh, yuck! How utterly synthetic. Horrid, even! Too, too much.
Bear statues carved from a tree trunk, using a chain saw, I could (perhaps) understand. At least the wood came from where the Bears live.
But fibreglass? I think not!



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