Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Old Postcard Wednesday is pining for a wee break

Remembrance of Burned Memories by José Ramos

I am feeling burned out, so am cancelling Old Postcard Wednesday for today. Some extra (and earlier than usual) sleep suddenly seems of the highest importance! I apologize to anyone who came by looking for an OPW post. If you are a regular you know I have not missed very many Wednesdays, and I thank you for understanding my need for a break this week.



Muhammad Israr said...

hmm..lets hope everything is okay with you...have a nice sleep and sweet dreams and hope you will be ur usual self by tomorrow :) take care and have a nice week :)

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

much as i love OPW i'd rather have a refreshed lydia

take care x

Frosty Duncan said...

take care lady, the picture is beautiful

Looking to the Stars said...

Rest, my friend. We will be here :)

Hattie said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.

mythopolis said...

Burned memories is such a book we all could write. I have a postcard from Oregon where the sender said, "I saw the sea lions swimming out my window." My first question was, 'What were these creatures doing in your room to begin with?'

See ya on the flip side, dan

susan said...

No apologies are required for taking a break. The picture you chose is quite special enough.

Rob-bear said...

Skipping OPW?
Before you finalize that plan, we'll let you sleep on it.
Hope you are well. Blessings and Bear hugs as you snooze.

Deborah said...

Sleep is so important, snug up x

♥●• İzdiher •●♥ said...

They are beautiful.

Love your blog .Follow each other .

Mama Zen said...

I totally understand!

Lydia said...

Muhammad Israr~ I took your advice and have been taking care and having sweet sleep. My energy level is returning to normal,,,in large part because of the support I felt from the lovely comments here, most definitely including yours.

Pixies~ I took care and still am being mindful about it. Burnout is a scary feeling! Many thanks for your sweet comment. x

Frosty Duncan~ How nice to have a visit from you. It made me feel better, so thank you for being here.

Looking to the Stars~ My friend, I do know you are there and will be, as I am for you.

mythopolis~ Ah, how humor helps and I thank you for sharing that totally delightful vignette. It helped me a lot! Re: your opening sentence....yes, most definitely.

susan~ How nice of you to say that, and mainly because I know you mean it. I agree about the is quite special. The photographer has a great eye.

Rob-bear~ My OPW buddies, including you, were all so kind to let it skip this week. Postcards shall resume next week. Thank you for your kind support.

Deborah~ I love how you said that! It is, and I did! Thank you so much. x

izdiher~ Thank you for your visit and comments. I look forward to visiting your blog.

Mama Zen~ Knowing that just helps immensely. Thank you! :)

Roxana said...

hard and stressful days for me as well (hence my absence, for which i am so sorry) - yesterday i slept through the entire day, until dinner, and i still feel exhausted. i hope you have already recovered and send you my warmest hugs!

Lydia said...

Roxana~ Sleeping through a day and still being exhausted is a sheer sign of burnout, or even near-collapse. I will be worrying about you and sending strong thoughts for renewal and hugs, too.
I feel strangely vulnerable and withdrawn lately. Not much energy, in spite of trying to do less. These are certainly not the best of times, but most of us are in this together. :)



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