Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pop goes the easel

Audrey Hepburn - Pop-Art 2 by ~davidiana on deviantART

Four-part Audreys

Black gamin Audrey:
No crown this queen,
with wisps of bangs
curling above black
perfect arches accenting
blue animal eyes lashed
above cheekbones high
lighted near shapely
large ear with
onyx ring dangling
opposite turned up
nose above full
royal red kisser.
Then gentle jaw
leading stretch of
deer long neck.
Leaning forward:
a head of its time.
Graced below by
the little black dress.

Repeat, repeat, repeat:
Purple gamin Audrey,
Red gamin Audrey,
White gamin Audrey--
queens with crowns
of black pixie hair.
Arrange in squares:
black beside purple
atop red beside white.
Four-part Audreys in
mute perfect harmony.

      MLydiaM ~ October 2011

I offer this for Poetics at dVerse, hosted this week by liv2write2day, whose fascinating and instructional prompt about POP ART will undoubtedly generate some amazing works of poetic art! I elected to try writing "an ekphrasis using a work of pop art," from her list of ideas (I will be honest and tell you that I had to look up ekphrasis to be sure what it was).

I am still catching up on reading poems from last week's Poetics prompt at dVerse. I am also behind in reading others' Magpies and Flash Fiction 55s from last week. This frustrates me no end and I will do my best to at least visit those of you who have been kind enough to leave much-appreciated comments after my posts for those three prompt-driven delights.
***(I may not even be here until I post my regular Old Postcard Wednesday in order to enjoy reading other blogs!)***



Brian Miller said...

very cool, the picture makes me think of the art of Nagel...nice capture in your words as well..i like how you describe the one in the first stanza and then work your way around...

hope you have a wonderful sunday...

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

ah yes - Audrey Hepburn. Great actress: Sabrina, Roman Holiday, My Fair Lady and of course that famous one where she falls in love with Hannibal Smith from The A Team...

he he

Great pome also

distracted by shiny objects said...

aaahhhh, Audrey. The woman should have libraries of poems written for her :>)

Quotes,Photos and a little Poetry said...

Great picture for this prompt, if I had been her early I would chose Audrey too.Lovely Poem.

Heaven said...

Great tribute to the lovely and beautiful star.. enjoyed the words and repetitive lines.

Thanks for sharing this ~

Fireblossom said...

Somehow I just knew you would kick butt with this prompt, Lydia. I love the way this reads. I just watched "Wait Until Dark" very recently on cable. She was good in that.

tinkwelborn said...

Love that title!
First, I am an Audrey fan, loved here best in "Breakfast at Tiffany's''

Wow…a portraiture in prose! Her beauty lifts off your page and into my mind's eye.
''royal red kisser'' and who wouldn't have loved to have touched those with one's own lips!
''perfect harmony'' is right.
You've done a very good job here…making me think of Audrey now. And that's what a poem's to do…affect it's reader.
good job & thanks for letting me read it -- it was an experience.

hedgewitch said...

Hepburn had such class--you capture a lot of her amazing presence(more than the art, to be frank) here with your description--loved "deer long neck" and "blue animal eyes lashed above cheekbones high." Great work with the prompt. (I learned ekphrasis a few months ago when someone told me I'd done one. Totally news to me. ;_) )

lori said...

I could watch her do anything. She's such a fascinatingly beautiful woman. Love all the movies I've seen of hers. This does a wonderful job of capturing her essence :)

Morning said...

love the vividness of your words.

powerful poem.

Victoria Ceretto-Slotto said...

This is so pop art! That line "repeat, repeat, repeat" shouts Warhol. Sadly, the image didn't come through for me, but I didn't need it because you painted it with your words. Thanks for sharing it!

ds said...

Yes, she was certainly " a head of her time" in every sense. Lovely woman with a lovely soul. You have caught her beautifully.
And I really like your title!

Anonymous said...

Witty title and wonderful writing to the pop prompt.

Anonymous said...

Nice tight write. She did justice to a pretty hat too.

Rob-bear said...

Oh, Lydia; you have such a way with words. Each, carrying it's own weight, builds with the others a momentous portrait of a marvellous woman.

Anonymous said...

sexy poem, sexy words.

Muhammad Israr said...

nice pics...and wonderfully worded poem :) liked it... audrey hepburn i like her a lot and she is superb :)

Lydia said...

Brian~ I did have a nice Sunday, thank you very much: Indian buffet lunch with husband.
Thank you for your comment and the tip on Nagel, who I must now Google. :)

Pixies~ You know, I bet she would have loved your reliving her movies and adding that final twist. Funny stuff you always come up with. :)

Distracted~ I agree that she should. They probably exist in the hearts of untold thousands of fans.

Quotes,Photos & a little Poetry~ I really liked the art, too. Not sure I would have tried the prompt without landing on this particular work on Audrey. :)

Heaven~ Thank you for reading and commenting on this about the lovely and beautiful star...
"Star" was a word that truly did describe her.

Fireblossom~ You thought that? Really tickles me a bunch, I must say!
Wait Until Dark is one terrifying movie. My fave of hers will always be Breakfast at Tiffany's. :)

tinkwelborn~ Your kind and expressive comments made me so happy, and humbled. Thank you so much. Breakfast at Tiffany's is my favorite of hers too. :)

hedgewitch~ Well, if ekphrasis was a new word to you, oh Poet, in the last year I feel vindicated. I so appreciated your supportive comments...they mean a lot to me.
I like your new profile pic!

lori~ Thank you so much. :) She really did have an "essence" unlike no other, didn't she? What a standout actress!

Morning~ Thank you! I love your visits and comments here.

Lydia said...

Victoria Ceretto-Slotto~ So sorry you could not view the work. It is here at the artist's page.
Thank you for your kind comments. I loved your prompt!

ds~ Yes, in every sense. (You have a lovely soul, too.)
Thank you so much. :) Thanks much for your comment...much appreciated. :)

wolfsrosebud~ Why, thanks! I agree about her doing justice to a hat. <:-)

Rob-bear~ You are so kind with your comments to me. I am touched by them, most definitely. :)

zongrik~ I appreciate your comment! She was sexy is a such a classy way.

Muhammad Israr~ Thank you. I am not surprised that you like her a lot, as you seem like someone with fine sensibilities and I think she was like that also.

Victoria Ceretto-Slotto said...

I got the image this time--perhaps my laptop needs some therapy. So fun to know you grew up in Reno. It's grown a lot (too much). I've been here since 1993 and love it although I migrate to warmer climes in the winter. Keep in touch, Lydia. I have a fair number of Reno poems on my blog...many. And my novel which is with my publisher is set here, too!

Rhiannon said...

Hi Lydia, thank you for your thoughtful comment on my blog.

I have a black tea shirt with a beautiful pic of Audrey's face from "Breakfast at Tiffany's". She has one long sleeved black gloved hand cupped under her chin, with sparkle hair decor on top of her bunned hair and a sparkle necklace on her long neck. Her eyes are so blue. I've had it for a long time and try to keep it in good condition and careful washing it,etc.. Most times I wear it, I usually have my hair up in a bun also. Often just coincidence at times. Whenever I wear it I always get compliments and comments from strangers or friends, wherever I may go. I love Audrey. So feminine and small boned.

Audrey was very special...there is and will never be anyone like her. She was also a very caring humanist in her life.

Thanks for your beautiful post and the beautiful words. The pics remind me of Andy Warhol of course!..:o)

Hope your doing well. We had our very last day of summer heat just a few days ago, and now it looks like Autumn is here to stay...finally! Happy Autumn.!



Olga said...

I really liked your poem about Audrey Hepburn. In her pop-art portrait, I especially liked the rhythmic repetition.

Lydia said...

Victoria~ I will def look for your Reno poems, and want to know more about your novel set there. My favorite (semi-autobiographical) novel set in Reno is City of Trembling Leaves, by Walter Van Tilburg Clark. I interviewed with him on campus at UNR just prior to his death.

Rhi~ I loved the description of your Audrey t-shirt, and wish I had one of my own. I hope you post a photo of yourself wearing it sometime at your blog!
Thank you for mentioning Audrey's humanitarian activism in her later years. It is really how I came to admire her most, and then got into her movies.
Rain here. I guess that means our 1-1/2 months of summer are over! Ugh. I hope you have a great and beautiful autumn.

Olga~ Thank you for reading and commenting on the poem. I like that pop-art portrait...and was stunned to see how many different images of her there are at Bing images. It just goes on and on and on.....

izzy said...

Hey- making the rounds trying to catch up, I can relate!
Audrey was so amazing. It blows me away when beauty meets balance and kindness...thanks for visiting!

Claudia said...

i just love audrey hepburn and she needed no crown to be a worked the repetition of the artwork perfectly into your poem...loved it

Lydia said...

izzy~ when beauty meets balance and kindness is a lovely way to describe Audrey Hepburn. (I am still making the rounds is bad to be behind!)

Claudia~ Thank you, oh queen of the Poets Pub. :)



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