Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Old Postcard Wednesday--I Am a Democrat (a tribute to Gabrielle Giffords)

Gabrielle Giffords. Please DO NOT underestimate this woman!

This photo of Gabrielle Giffords and the accompanying caption were posted in 2010 at HubPages by a conservative who was supporting a GOP candidate running against Giffords in her (successful) bid for reelection that year. I find the wording of his weeny attempt to prevent her reelection to be nearly prophetic. Certainly, it was evident that the congresswoman from Arizona's 8th Congressional District was adept at campaign fundraising and had an uncanny energy to work tirelessly on behalf of her constituents. She possessed passion, power, and perseverance that made her a shining star in the Democratic Party. But she had so much more from where those qualities came to show us....and she did, and she has, and she will continue to inspire.

Tuesday evening, after resigning from her seat in Congress in order to focus on her amazing recovery, she sat one more time among her fellow legislators to hear President Obama's State of the Union 2012 address. She was welcomed by her colleagues with huge admiration, and greeted by the president with joyous warmth. They were some beautiful moments that she richly deserved.

This OPW tribute is my humble way of honoring Gabrielle Giffords as she begins a new phase in her remarkable life. What a Democrat, what a Woman.....what a TIGER she is!



izzy said...

Really amazing- and I enjoyed the special program, (60 minutes maybe?)
on her recovery. Thanks.

Helen said...

Lydia, I was moved to tears several times last evening ... Gabby is a force to be reckoned with!!!

Claudia said...

as a non-american, never heard about here...but will do some research now..

Kim said...

She really is an inspiration. Did you see her formally hand in her resignation letter today? I was was so emotional. That woman will be back. No doubt.

mythopolis said...

How sweet it is!!!

Fireblossom said...

She is awesome indeed.

susan said...

Thanks for putting together such a nice tribute. Thank goodness she lived and thank goodness even more that she's still such a powerhouse. I do hope she'll return.

Lydia said...

izzy~ She will be an iconic example of bravery, I think.

Helen~ I was also, Helen, and then again on Wednesday (see Kim's comment). She's so inspiring.

Claudia~ If you do, I am sure you will be inspired by her story.

Kim~ Yes, I did see that and was so glad I didn't miss it. Her stepping up to the podium was a stunning moment...I was cheering her on from my living room.

mythopolis~ That sure is the truth!

Fireblossom~ Awesome in the truest sense of the word, most definitely.

susan~ You are right -- she is still a powerhouse! I hope she will return also.

Rob-bear said...

I'm a Canadian; I'm a (retired) journalist (if there is such a thing). I have followed as much of Ms. Gifford's life as a I can, from her shooting through her recovery to this point.

She is, as you say, one gutsy lady.

She taking time to heal, but I believe she will be back.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Tiger is also a type of WW2 tank - the Panzer Tiger

i remember reading the novel of The Omen and it interpreting a phrase in Revellations "from the eternal sea he rises" as being politics

Politicians can be a seedy bunch, but...


I'm not really very political, but i like the picture of the tiger

Lydia said...

Rob-bear~ Sorry to reply late. Enjoyed and was heartened by your comment. Thank you.

Pixies~ I did not know that about the tank. Or about the book The Omen although I saw the movie and was scared out of my wits (and some politicians have evoked the same reaction in me!). Sorry to reply late.

Rhiannon said...

Oh yes yes yes! Thank you so much for doing this post on "Gabby" was heartwarming to see our president hug and sway back and fourth in their special was also heartbreaking in a way...but she is a tiger..and will survive onto better times and hopefully! Her great courage and belief in her positivity in life, will help us all to think more about what is really important in life.

Sometimes you have to do the "tiger thing" and fight back for your life, in order to survive and....and not give up. To be able to move on and speak truths.

I hope one day I can try to be as brave as she. I'm still working on that.

Hope your doing has been so darn cold here..just bone chilling cold and my bones ache and feel it. I made myself go out today "layered" to get some fresh air and take a walk. By the time I got back to my apartment my ears hurt so from the cold and then I went to one of the laundry rooms here in the complex and did my laundry.

Another apartment inspection next week! I'm so excited..."NOT"!..:o( It's beginning to really get ridiculous. I am feeling a bit rebellious of late. I don't even care much about it's getting old. Now that may be a good thing and bring me back to myself.

Stay warm and thank you again for your warm understanding and caring. I'll make it I always do somehow. I'm just tired tired tired. Spring be sprung soon!

Happy New year Lydia! It's the year of the dragon. Instead of breathing out fire, I hope the dragon will "blow out all the fires" in this crazy world and our country also! Now wouldn't that be nice. More peace, calmness and people being understanding, caring and compassionate for one another? All working on compromise and becoming more "united" instead of this "divided" crap! That has got to go. It is so time!

Thank you for your patience in reading this.

Love and Blessings to you and yours,


Lydia said...

Rhi~ Your comments are always so rich; I love the way you share your thoughts (and reading them is a pleasure, not requiring patience, silly!). You do sound like you are experiencing SAD from winter, although those ridiculous rounds of inspections would be enough to depress anyone. I appreciate that you are seeing some humor in the situation....might as well laugh, eh?!
I have not asked about, and you have not mentioned, your kitty for some time now. Is she gone? ^.^
I have a few spare strays that I feed that I would gladly give to you, if only we lived closer!

Keep your spirits up and try to remember that All is Well. ♥

naomi dagen bloom said...

Thanks for giving us more time with those inspirational moments between Gabby and Obama. I definitely needed to re-experience this act of genuine caring by people in the political world.



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