Sunday, January 29, 2012

Poetics: 9th Life

9th Life

Brave old patient fighting with me

for more years together,

         (what I must believe) --

you allow me to pinch up a pocket

of your fur-lined skin and

to press a dripping needle

into some place

not yet hardened from

pricking invasions.

After drops of clear life-

sustaining fluids flush

cruel murky toxins

you later climb into my lap loving

more nights understanding nothing,

         (what I must believe) --

and everything.

                           MLydiaM ~ January 2012

Submitted for Poetics at dVerse Poets. This week we are prompted by Karin Gustafson to write a poem containing Undercurrents.



Claudia said...'re touching a tough topic here lydia..excellently done

Brian Miller said...

yeah i would like to think they love us even when we have to hurt them a bit...i dunno if they understand it is for their own good but...i hope they do....a bit sad too for ones pet to be sick or...

mythopolis said...

This hits home right now because my doggy is sick and I am trying to help her through it.

Grace said...

Your poem pricks the skin...very well done ~

Manicddaily said...

Yes, the feelings (love, sadness, sympathy) so palpable here. K.

hedgewitch said...

The bonds of love are the same, human or animal, and sometimes the level of responsibility as well--but the undercurrent of unspoken trust is the most powerful for me here. Excellent, subtle and sad, yet also oddly comforting.

Rob-bear said...

Belovedness in the process of healing. Not what your furry friend entirely wants, but what can be forgiven, in the name of unspoken friendship. The undercurrent is there.

Charles Miller said...

The loss of a dear friend pet is terrible. They say so much about who we are and how we speak with the world. You loving words graphically get inside that care and concern and share a memorable moment that brings to life similar moments in my life. These memorials to past love always bring life to light.

Fireblossom said...


Laurie Kolp said...

Once my cat wouldn't eat (we'd moved into a new house). he literally almost died. I had to force feed him for awhile. This is very touching.

kj said...



Beautiful Lydia

Sheila said...

heart-wrenching layers of emotion in this experience. beautifully written.

susan said...

Tender, bittersweet, and oh so lovely.

Anonymous said...

this brought tears to my eyes. what a delicate way to express such a painful experience. thanks for sharing, Lydia.

Lydia said...

Claudia~ It was tough. Thanks much for your gentle comment.

Brian~ I hope so too. Something in their eyes tells me they know way more than we think they do, sometimes more than we know!

mythopolis~ Oh, I am sad and sorry to read about your doggy. Isn't your blog named for her? She is, I know, a huge part of your life and I hope you two have more (quality) time together. xo

Grace~ Interesting comment! Thanks.

manicddaily~ Palpable, yes, those feelings...thank you.

hedgewitch~ Thank you for special comments. I do think he had an abundance of that unspoken trust. When he was diagnosed with kidney failure the vet said he would have another 8 months-one year with our home treatments. We had two more years together, and when he was ready to let go he let me know. ^.^

Rob-bear~ Oh, Bear, if he had a little grave I would put this your words on the stone: Belovedness in the process of healing. As his ashes are in a tiny metal box, I will whisper the phrase nearby instead. Thank you.

Charles~ Yes, I can tell you have experienced the depth and strange beauty of this kind of struggle and loss. It not only bonds us to our dear pets foreverever, but also to those who have shared such love. Thank you for your comment.

Fireblossom~ ^.^

Laurie~ Since cats really love their food, your cat did indeed have a major slump and I'm so glad you were able to work together toward healing. That is very touching! ^.^

kj~ Your poem is gorgeous! It is a wonderful addition to this dVerse prompt, and definitely to my post. Thank you so much. ^.^

Sheila~ Thank you for your kind comment, much appreciated.

susan~ Thank you. If only we'd met earlier than we did when you lived in Portland perhaps you could have had the honor of meeting dear-hearted Bleecker. ^.^

Amber Lee~ And your comment brought tears to my eyes, for the simple reason that I knew you felt what I went through with Bleecker. ^.^



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