Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Old Postcard Wednesday--Ruud Verburgt fashionable art card, the Netherlands

I purchased this postcard recently from the Etsy shop of a woman living in Belgium. She described it as being circa 1980s, but as I looked online for information certain things I read led me to believe it may have been published between mid-1980s~mid-1990s. Isn't it chic?

You will note that the back of the postcard has the name of
Ruud Verburgt, along with the town of Barneveld (located in the center of the Netherlands). Ruud Verburgt is noted as a publisher of postcards, etc. at various sites, including this site showing cards from his publishing firm and this site (see card featuring a photo of a motel/restaurant). He is also an artist and one might assume that he is the artist of this OPW postcard, but I'm not sure because I cannot see a signature on the piece.

An example of a Ruud Verburgt (signed) painting is this piece from the Kunst Collective in Barneveld:

He describes himself and his work at the Kunst Collective website, where he is featured among those whose work will be shown at the gallery during the upcoming fifth anniversary of the Barneveld Art Walk in September 2012 (Google translation):
In 1943 Born and raised in the picturesque village of Laren.

During my teacher training, was design, drawing and painting an important part of my education. I'm always busy with drawing, painting and design as a publisher of greeting cards. Encouraged by my wife, who graduated at the Free Academy in Nunspeet, I have also taken classes in painting and drawing with Gerda de Boer and Huisman Elmar. Michel Bongertsman I have trained in sculpture.

In recent years I have painted with Esther Bitter and clearly developed my own style which I start from a realistic or fantasy subject matter, this I make an own stylized forms with a bright color palette. It remains a quest for a combination of color and form, which is also reflected in my sculptures made ​​of various materials.

I hope the viewer his mind wander and let go its own way of my work know how to look.

Kind regards and see you in our studio.

He also gives his website as -- but I found that it is under construction. I was disappointed because, aside from scattered pieces of information, I did not come across an actual bio of Ruud Verburgt.

This picture of the artist at work is also from
the Kunst Collective website.

While researching this man I came upon unexpected information that shows you just never know what trials another person has had to endure and overcome.......

There is a media site in the Netherlands (all of it in Dutch with no translation that I could find) with a segment called MAX Geheugentrainer. This is the general explanation given about the videos featured there
(Google translation):
Train your brain with simple exercises. Viewers can train their memory by playing with the candidate in the studio.
And this is the explanation for the specific video featuring Ruud Verburgt in the training studio :
His name is Ruud Verburgt, he worked as a teacher, and as an independent publisher. In 1998 he suffered a stroke, but after considerable rehabilitation is much better now with him. And today, he does the MAX Memory Trainer?

I found the video to be truly fascinating, in spite of not understanding a word spoken! Ruud Verburgt is a brave and inspiring man, most definitely, and I am glad to know about him......precipitated by my finding this old postcard so very eye-catching that I wanted to bring it into my collection.

Get Microsoft Silverlight Bekijk de video in andere formaten.



Fireblossom said...

She is stylish indeed!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

one of my favourite painters is Edward Hopper, and by default I also like some of Jack Vettriano's work as well (there is some cross over in feel i think)

The postcard reminds me of Vettriano's style - very opulent and quite forthright

Lydia said...

fireblossom~ Yes, she is and your visit was appreciated, indeed!

Pixies~ Hopper is one of my favorite painters, also. I am not familiar with Vettriano, however, and you know I am going to go looking for info about him now! Thanks!

Lydia said...

Pixies~ I just scrolled through all the Bing images of Vettriano's work. I recognized immediately the one of the couple on the beach, with maid and butler holding umbrellas. I agree with you that this old postcard looks like his style, and I was actually surprised that I did not see it among those pages of his work that I just looked at (and I loved it all). Fascinating.

susan said...

The postcard design really is very elegant. I love the informal balance of the whites against the black and the tasteful grace of the model's pose.

I like Ruud Verburgt's paintings very much. His work and the information you provided was a very good find.

Rob-bear said...

The postcard at the top is truly a delight. The woman, suave and debonaire.

I also enjoy the strong primary colours of his painting.

Thanks for sharing this, Lydia.

Lydia said...

susan~ I love the way you describe the postcard! Am tickled that you enjoyed Verburgt's work.

Rob-bear~ Not often (enough) are the words suave and debonaire used to describe women. Good call to use them!
I like his primary colors too.

Brian Miller said...

i like how he uses geometry in his paintings...and lines....very cool find...had not heard of him

Lydia said...

Brian~ I like that/him, too!



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