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Poetics: Vampires • eve

Darkest Hour by Annequins Design
Darkest Hour by Annequins Design


He beat her, he beat their young son
      when the sun was set,
when the blinds were shuttered
and the neighbors were blinded.

He drew their blood early in the eve,
his adam's apple throbbing in rhythm
to the thrusting of his teeth
to the thrashing of his fists
      flailing to the beat 
as his black eyes screwed them
into their nighttime hellhole.

Come morn, the family went about
ordinary business as he commanded.
It was at work I would see her--
      so elusive, so pale,
long red hair dry and disheveled--
sometimes walking too slowly, often
dressed with too much cover
for the season. What then
was her reason
      for sweeping her hair away
from the love bite ripening on her neck?
To convince us that their love
was not stale?

Perhaps it was a sign of warning,
      but not a cry for help.
It was already too late
to save her.

                                            MLydiaM ~ April 2012

Written for PoeticsVampires at dVerse Poets. Thank you to Blue Flute for this prompt that brought back memories of a co-worker who became a good friend. This poem ends the way it does because of the topic. My friend did, in reality, find the courage to divorce that man and create a new life for herself.



Semaphore said...

An allegorical tale - as most writing about the vampire mythos must be - that chills from the first few words.

Claudia said...

oh my...there are way too many women like her...trying to convince themselves he loves them in spite of what happens when the blinds are closed..a tight write lydia..

Heaven said...

Realistic and dark take on the prompt. Unfortunately, it happens.
I am happy that she got out of the relationship.

Brian Miller said...

ugh...stomach turning...not just a vampire but a bastard for abusing his family...sadly all too real and the arogance as well of showing it off...perhaps a stake will find him..

Laurie Kolp said...

So vivid, especially the 2nd stanza... such a sad reality for many.

Fireblossom said...

I love your take on a "vampire" and his victim. Especially since, with vampires like that, they are weak within themselves; they have to suck their vitality from someone who actually has some. Until they don't.

henry clemmons said...

My first visit to your page I believe. Great skill here. You drew me i straight away, tugged at my heart and made me want to jump in to the rescue. Nice use of the vampire analogy of an abusive situation and a victim lost in its aparent power. Excellente.

hedgewitch said...

Lydia you write a compelling tale of the reality of evil, of true every day vampirism and self-delusion, shorn of all the soap opera and fantasy romance. Very well conceived and chillingly executed--and I'm glad the real life ending is more hopeful.

Anonymous said...

I'm so relieved to know she found courage in life. You paint this allegory well, wonderful work.

Blue Flute said...

What a sad tale, I'm glad she got out of the relationship in real life.

Kathe W. said...

yow- this is so painfully wrought-

Dave King said...

I like what you've done with this - though not what you've made him do. It works well for me and achieves what I imagine its objective to be.

Muhammad Israr said...

the picture is so scary... thanks i am reading this post in broad daylight :)

as usual, awesome from you :)

Lydia said...

Semaphore~ Thank you. I remember that allegory was another topic at dVerse last week, so although I did not participate officially it's nice to know this took care of that too!

Claudia~ Thank you. Actually, it felt too tight to me after it was written, probably because I ended it on a sad note instead of how it really all turned out.

Heaven~ Thank you. I am so glad for that, also.

Brian~ hmmmm, a stake finding him sounds like a good idea. After he retired a few years ago he moved back to his home country in the mideast and I have not heard anything more about him.

Laurie~ Thanks. The 2nd was easier to describe because that was the part I witnessed...

Fireblossom~ Many thanks. Your comment could just about be another stanza!

henry~ Thank you for your compassionate comment. I enjoyed your first visit here and hope you return!

hedgewitch~ Thanks so much. Your comment about it showing "every day vampirism" was perfect.

chromapoesy~ Many thanks. I am glad for the outcome, most definitely. She has done so well!

Blue Flute~ I am happy she did too, and impressed...while being aware that too many women do not get out.

Kathe~ Thanks...and sorry. :)

Dave~ So glad that it worked. I appreciate your comment.

Muhammad~ Many thanks for being here (in the daylight or not). Yes, the picture is scary and sure seemed to fit the scene.

susan said...

A very sad yet not uncommon story beautifully told.

Lydia said...

susan~ Yes, very sad. Thank you for your kind comment.

kim said...

Wow...very powerful, Lydia! So sad and yet you paint it in such a beautiful way that I understand the sadness more deeply.

Lydia said...

kim~ Thank you so much for your comment. :)



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