Sunday, May 6, 2012

Poetics: 'OUR Music' • music definition

music definition

Music: the sound of one hand clapping
with the whole of the world--
      the rootin' (w)rappin' tap root,
our Sound foundation
      built on rock, contatarianthemaj-
      orhythminorhapsody and melody,
in harmony with soul, tugging
heartstrings, taking many bows--
the Wow factor-y
of the cosmos.

                                                   MLydiaM ~ May 2012 

{I apologize all over the damn place to Stuart McPherson, who is our host for this wonderful prompt and am correcting post-post!}
Written for Poetics'OUR Music' at dVerse Poets. Thank you to Brian Miller Stuart McPherson of poemsofhateandhope for this prompt, which is a glorious essay on music. Bravo, Stu! 

(Please click link for prompt description and information, along with links to other poems about 'OUR Music'.)



Brian Miller said... rock...this just feels good to read and has wonderful sounds...flows like butter itself...and you win the big word of the day award...

orhythminorhapsody---holy cow...i dont even know how to find words like that...haha...lovely lydia

henry clemmons said...

I really like the way this plays in my mind. Would luv to hear your voice deliver this. Smooth, could be jazzy, bluzzzzy, anything. The big word was a kool surprise. Excellente visit.

Rob-bear said...

My foot started tapping at the first line, and kept up the beat all the way through.

Music. Good stuff! Yeah.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love this- the bounce of your words, the flow, the (w)rappin'- this piece wholly signifies the beat and the emotion that music creates in us, lives within us, controls us, and commands us- if there is a poem to sum up and 'define' what music is- then this is it! Fantastic

Lydia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Charles Miller said...

Excellent idea, to pull together the terms in a way that reminds us how music transcendes its definitions and terms to becomes something greater in our individual lives. Music bonds us to each other, and brings us into touch with what lives in our souls if only we could allow it to be.

Lydia said...

Brian~ Wow, like butter even! Thank you.
So you like that run-on musical term word, eh?
Do you know that there may not be any musical words beginning with 'Y'? (I couldn't find any.) Just a little bit of trivia....

henry~ Kind words; thanks much! I love hearing others read poems on their blogs. Not only am I befuddled as to how they do that, I'm not sure I would do so well at it!

Rob-bear~ Thanking you, while thinking of a poster I saw on facebook last night that reminded me of you. It was an image of a darling Koala and the caption said something like: "What do you mean I am not a real bear? I have all the koalifications!"

poemsofhateandhope~ I am so tickled that you think the poem is actually a good definition of music. Makes me so happy (just like music often does).

Charles~ Thank you so much. Your description adds even more to mine!

mythopolis said...

In the beginning, there was the beat.

Kathe W. said...

Lydia! this is just grand-my toes are tapping out as I read your fine poetry!
and yes that was a head stone you noticed in the photo- Russell found it in a pile of rubble at an Army base years ago and brought it home as it was going to be tossed- the stone had been broken so they had replaced it with a new one.
We had in our garden up North and brought "George " with us.

goatman said...

I could only find "yauld" an adjective which could be used to describe energetic or vigorous music or passages -- had to dust off the old Websters seventh for that one.

Tried to fit your poetic words the blues but its that and way beyond that I guess.

Claudia said...

ha nice..i love your music the ...contatarianthemaj-
orhythminorhapsody ...but need HELP with the pronounciation...maybe some glasses of red wine and then just sing it..? it lydia

Muhammad Israr said...

ahan ahan...the definition of it ;)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this, as usual! The last few lines are so great - in harmony with soul, tugging heartstrings - very musical in and of itself. You really do capture the connective power of music.

Shawn said...

You brought music to life with you definition. I couldn't read again and again as you clearly define it. Thank you

Lydia said...

mythopolis~ You got that right!

Kathe~ Glad you enjoyed the poem. And, hah! that really is a headstone! It sure had me curious, so it is fun to learn the backstory. I'm really glad you brought it with you to give it a new place of honor. What a great story!

goatman~ Wow! Thank you for researching that and actually finding a 'Y' music word! You are such fun! Thank you, and for your comments about the poem also. It can be the blues if you want it to be.

Claudia~ Thanks. The pronunciation is extremely tricky. You may have found one of the best remedies for unlocking its secret. I won't plan on reading this next year at our town's annual Poetry Festival Open Mic night (not that I have ever read one of my my poems there....)

Muhammad Israr~ Glad for it. Many thanks.

Amber Lee~ "the connective power of music" is such a nice phrase! I think the photographer captured that in this beautiful image also.

Shawn~ I appreciate you reading it once and liking it, and letting me know you did!



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