Thursday, June 28, 2012


distant fire by Beth Polusladkaia

But this momentous question, like a fire bell in the night, awakened and filled me with terror.
                                   ~ Thomas Jefferson



izzy said...

We need to have more awareness and respect for sure- Fire IS scary and I am always amazed how fire fighters can do their work.I pray with gratitude for their courage and fortitude...

Kathe W. said...

wow- gorgeous painting-scary reality. Where we live now fire is a BIG issue. We had to spend thousands removing the horrendous amount of very flammable manzanita on our property. Needless to say we're not happy with the previous owners or realtor who did NOT disclose this hazard-and they knew about it as he is an arborist. We didn't have a clue and I know some would say "buyer beware" but until we were advised by a forest service retiree that we were not in compliance we hadnt a clue. We would still have bought this land but would have negotiated a better price. BUT we are safe now with what we did. and we love being here.

Brian Miller said...

yikes...i know several people that are in the thick of it right is scary stuff...

susan said...

I read an interesting National Geographic article earlier today that might interest you if you have a few minutes. Loss of snow pack, high temperatures, insect damage, and extinguishing previous fires to protect property have all had an effect.

It's all very scary, as is that beautiful but terrifying picture you've posted.

kj said...

our close family just got the go ahead to return home. the houses two subdivisions away all burned down. it is so massive: 35 miles burned so far!

this is a beautiful painting, lydia. you get it right ♥


Anonymous said...

I like your last tag: "Mother Nature is not fiddling around." Hopefully we can still make amends.

Lydia said...

izzy~ Loved your statement of gratitude. I feel the same.

Kathe~ I have thought about your comment since first reading it. What a pity that the seller did not disclose this to you, if only because not knowing about the risk put you in potential danger. I'm so glad it worked out the way it did and that you are pleased with your new home and land. :)

Brian~ Am thinking of those I know in proximity also. Such a horror. Such a heartbreak.

susan~ Thank you for the link, and I do plan on clicking on it! I've been rather disorganized with my time in the last week.

kj~ I thought the artist caught the intensity but that weird stillness too. I am glad your family is alright, their homes, too, but they are in for such change as a new normal settles around them after this horrible destruction. :(

Amber Lee~ Yes, hopefully.

Fireblossom said...

I can't imagine the terror of seeing fire slowly approach one's home, one's neighborhood. Or having to evacuate, not knowing if there will be a home to return to. My heart aches for those people.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

as someone with pretentions towards art I'm interested in the painting - it's interesting how the blurred effect gives it a real feeling of the heat haze and the blur

Lydia said...

Fireblossom~ I know. And it seems there are new fires everyday. This is going to be a long summer.

Pixies~ That blurred effect is amazing in creating exactly what you described. I think the artist should be pleased with this one!



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