Friday, August 31, 2012

FormForAll: Tritinas • On Facebook

 Old Wine by Bob Smith
Old Wine by Bob Smith

On Facebook

I have found most all of my exes;
      reconnecting has brought surprised ohs.
Our lives inspire laughter and awe.

My first had haunted my dreams, struck awe
      some solder forging poison exes.
Hurt forgiven, such long-ago ohs.

Now old friends sign with exes-and-ohs;
      their comments delighting me with awe
of camaraderie among exes.

Bless you exes, friendship circle of ohs, tempered by time and awe.

Written for dVerse Poets Pub FormForAll, where Samuel Peralta's prompt is On Tritinas .....and a tribute to one of his favorite poets, Marie Ponsot, who created the formal Tritina poetic form. Visit the link to learn about the form and to read Tritinas by our host and others at the pub.



Melissa Bickel said...

This is fantastic. It's amazing who bridges can be rebuilt and friendships formed, though pass hurts might have been the cause of a parting.

Even if on facebook lol....Loved this.

Heaven said...

Its nice that you and your exes get along again, tempered by time and awe ~

Brian Miller said...

if you find they all live in texas....well you could be a country song...haha....nice tritina....still kinda glad i am not on facebook...but reconnecting is def always nice if its good...

kkkkaty said...

I wanted to add an oooooh and and heyyyy, but that would have ruined this nice little poem.

dmarks said...

It's good to see something poetic about exes that doesn't have the rhyme with Texas.

Anonymous said...

My boss likes to gripe about men who proposed adding her on Facebook. I thought she was mostly joking, but apparently she was proposed to twenty-two times before she settled down...

I really love reading such a sweet and compassionate poem about your exes. Too often people stay bitter and grumpy.

Semaphore said...

So well done - a delicate balance between seriousness and irony. Beautiful choice of end-words, too, so unusual, and that is the charm.

Lydia said...

Melissa~ You are too kind. I thought this form was a struggle, but what a fun exercise nevertheless!

Heaven~ Heck, if you were once friends it's nice to reconnect on that level.

Brian~ Facebook is very time-consuming, and I'm talking about keeping up with extended family members! btw, I am not in contact with the ex-husband, who lives in Texas!!!

kkkaty~ I don't think that would have ruined it!

dmarks~ Thanks (and be sure to read my comment to Brian if you drop back by here!).

Amber Lee~ You mean she had men who were strangers, i.e., Facebook friends, propose marriage to her?! That is kinda creepy! But I guess there actually are some wonderful relationships/marriages that began on Facebook.

Semaphore~ Thank you Samuel, for your kind comments. It was quite a prompt you gave us this week!

ds said...

Great tritina, Lydia! I was not so brave. I love your playfulness with exes and ohs, surely the major vocabulary of Facebook (though I am not on it). Thanks so much for sharing.

Lydia said...

ds~ It did take some bravery to try a tritina, most definitely! You seem to have a handle on Facebook even without having joined!



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