Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mag 131 — the gauze

My Vienesse friend
wrote she dreamt about me,
remembering only my face
in some kind of Irish mist,
not any action.

Dreams so vague are most
appealing, almost revealing.
Soundlessly, boundlessly
we may float or fly or swim
in mysterious hazy zones.

Without contours to confine us,
without borders to define us

(in my case with only a face,
reduced to abstraction)

substance is forgiven for
keeping monopoly beyond
the gauze, perhaps forbidden
to enter such spaces
or to inhabit lazy bones.

Written for The Mag: Mag 131 that inspired with the above photo prompt
(Under Windsor Bridge, 1912, by Adolphe Valette).



Kutamun said...

This very otherworldly , Lydia, i felt i was in a Tarkovsky film, very "Zone B "

izzy said...

Gauze is a great description of the nebulous format dreams can take!
I also love the last line!

Christine said...

without contours to confine us, like this with the image of the fog

Kathe W. said...

mmmmm I love this hazy gauzy dreamy poem. Perfect for my hazy lazy day.

Helen said...

You transported all of us to another world ... a peaceful and most lovely escape from everyday chaos!

Fireblossom said...

What a different way to use "lazy bones"! I love that ending.

Rob-bear said...

When you look beyond the gauze
and find an airy world
that makes you pause
where minimal delineation
gives you cause
to consider
the most ephemeral
elements in life,

you may not reach nirvana
but something
hopefully more refined
than life within the gauze
can cause.

Rob-bear said...

P.S.: I had to think quite a while about what you had written, it was so je ne sais quoi. Yeah, I had to mull it over for a long time. And I'm not at all sure I responded appropriately.

Blessings and Bear hugs.

Lydia said...

Kutamun~ Ooh, now you have introduced me to something new to me: Tarkovsky. Thanks much.

izzy~ Thanks and thanks!

Christine~ I appreciate your visit and comment.

Kathe~ Glad you liked it. Now I am wondering if your day is hazy due to the wildfires near Redding. Are they affecting your air quality at all? I hope not.

Helen~ I am happy it was a good escape!

Fireblossom~ Ah, thanks!

Rob-bear~ Bears mull over things in the nicest of ways...thinking and thinking, and then poeming! I loved yours.

Anonymous said...

Dreams so vague are most
appealing, almost revealing.

You speak truth :)

Lydia said...

Amber Lee~ The vague ones are the most fun to try to unravel!



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