Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What's happening

On this site Sept. 5, 2012, Old Postcard Wednesday did not happen.

I am sorry. I just can't seem to get it all together this week. My husband has the week off and we are working in the yard in preparation for painters who will be doing the exterior paint job the final week of this month. We are pruning the overgrowth of bushes and trees around the periphery of the house, something I promised the painters when they toured to give the quote. Because the house needs this work so desperately I want to make it as easy for the crew as possible, to ensure the best outcome.

The Democratic Convention got my full attention late afternoon through evening of the first day, as it will until they gavel the event closed. (I watched a lot of the Republican Convention two weeks ago, also, because I think it's important to be aware of the big picture.) In spite of being totally wowed by Mayor Castro's keynote speech and Michele Obama's transcendent speech, I am feeling deeply the gravity of the importance underlying hopeful words and enthusiastic cheers. I am certain that my introspection now is serving to store up the energy I want to have for campaign volunteerism in about six weeks.

We don't live in a world where, in any one day, nothing big happens. Of course, something has always been happening since the beginning of time, but could anyone living in the 18th Century have imagined the break-neck speed of change in the 21st Century? We really should be more forgiving of one another, and of ourselves, for lacking the perfection that is expected of us and (because we are human) for missing the mark again and again.

As I am writing this post I am listening to an album on my Spotify playlist (I love Spotify and hope it is offered worldwide in the months ahead!).  I find myself returning to this album; my brain is attracted to it. Among tamer dream track titles, there are some mind-boggling track titles, i.e. Astral Travel, Out of Body Musical Experience, Etheric Travel, but all of the music has the same free-flowing, body-slowing, soothing effect on me. There's not a lot else happening while I am listening to Lucid Dreaming World-Collective Unconscious Mind (the link is to Amazon, where you can hear small samples to test whether or not it appeals to you).

And that, dear friends, is all I happen to have for you this Wednesday, except to wish you lucid dreaming and lucid thinking in the nights and days ahead. 


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Fireblossom said...

I haven't lived there in years and years now, but I still feel pride at seeing the mayor of San Antonio giving the keynote address.

We will forgive you the lack of an Old Postcard Wednesday; after all, you are a human being, not a human doing! (I heard that some place where a bunch of nuts were sitting around drinking coffee. *wink*)

Good luck with your forestry. My yard is always pretty wild. I weed, but other than that I can hardly stand to cut anything. When I have to prune one of my Mulberry trees, I talk to it and tell it how much and why. It's a negotiation. I don't really care if anyone thinks I'm a loonbat. I love my trees.

Rob-bear said...

In Canada yesterday we had a provincial (state) election. The party which talks about separating Québèc from Canada won, but not a majority, so it's separatist plans will be dampened. At the victory rally, a man wearing a housecoat apparently shot and killed someone. Which broke up the party.

Those are the kinds of things which do not make for a "fun" day in Canada.

I hope your day goes well, and Democratically.

Anonymous said...

That is a really lovely album; I love ambient music so much. I don't know if you utilize Pandora, but I find a lot of really good artists on my ambient channel (and then I promptly listen to the whole album on Grooveshark, for free.) It's the perfect music for sitting and breathing, and for developing compassion - something I need a lot of help with lately.

I followed the RNC pretty closely, but through pretty one-sided sources (the Huffinton Post, Mother Jones, The Daily Show...) This week is hectic, but I'm hoping to pay closer to the DNC - I'm excited about the changes to the platform.

I'm excited to hear about your campaign volunteering!

naomi dagen bloom said...

Love the plaque, appreciate your caution about the coming election. But didn't we need Deval Patrick's speech (hard to believe that Massachusetts once upon a time had Romney as Gov.), then the awesome Michelle Obama's testament to her spouse.

Have pulled out all my 2008 buttons--some great ones featuring both of them. Locally Dems appear to have come to was too quiet till now. We cannot take anything for granted these days and it's great to know that you'll be working in the campaign.

rosaria williams said...

It's the political season, and some of us are rooting for action!

susan said...

It seems to me that if more people made an effort to dream lucidly then the likelihood of lucid thinking would be much more apparent.

I wish I could be there to volunteer with you.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Terry Pratchett wrote that history really is all about kings and battles because that's what people remember - not the day to day stuff.

But i guess that life, as opposed to history - is in the minutae. After all: all it took to start the first world war was a driver taking the wrong route.

As a writer I'm far too aware of all the exciting things there are out there waiting to distract me from what I'm supposed to be doing - but sometimes those little distractions can still be important

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

and yeah - ok, so sometimes those little distractions can also be old episodes of Murder, She Wrote...

Lydia said...

Fireblossom~ I love my trees too. None are being removed. We are taking the growth away from the house so the painters can reach that area.
I loved the San Antonio mayor's address.

Rob-bear~ I had read about that awful shooting online prior to receiving your comment. So sorry it happened, and especially at a celebratory gathering.

Amber Lee~ You followed the RNC convention in style, girl! Thanks for the info on still more music sites; wow!

naomi~ Thank you for mentioning Deval Patrick's address, that was so excellent. It was a wonderful convention and now it's time to work.

rosaria~ Yes. Rock the Vote!

susan~ Thank you for your lucid observations, as always!

Pixies~ Hah! What would life be without distractions? :)

Melissa Bickel said...

Hope the painting goes well. Now that the DNC and RNC Conventions are over, I'm sure they'll be much ado about whatever politicians ado over :)

Have a great weekend and get rest from doing all that hard work.

Lydia said...

Melissa~ Thanks for the encouragement to rest. I just decided to take your advice for the rest of the day!



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