Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mag 141 — Before the New Normal

Let's remember this:
that, before the New Normal,
there were autumns with mist

that filled the air, dampening
our clothes and our hair --

glossing colored leaves
 before they fell from trees
 that stood through winter, waiting

for tender green replacements.

There were light romantic rains
that made our lips plump
for kissing, as the hissing
of tires on the street

made music for the walk home.

Written for The Mag: Mag 141 that inspired with the above photo prompt. 
My heart and thoughts go out to all those affected by the enormous destruction caused by Sandy.



Don't Feed The Pixies said...

yes i agree with you about those affected by Sandy

this is very evocative and i think it fits well with the image

Kutamun said...

Amazing what our collctive shade is able to accep as " normal" , you got right to the heart of this Lydia

Doctor FTSE said...

Loved this, and more so after Wiki told me about "New Normal" which hasn't reached the UK yet.

rosaria williams said...

I have to look up "New Normal" to get the full effect; though, the picture speaks volume, and kissing in the rain with tires making music surely makes that kiss so much more...

Helen said...

Speaking from personal experience... I love the way kissing (lots of it) can plump lips (the natural way.)

Tess Kincaid said...

I like the old normal...

Lydia said...

Pixies~ So sad about Sandy.
Thank you.

Kutamun~ I am honored that you thought I got to the heart of it. Thanks.

Doctor FTSE~ You are lucky, so far. One piece on the news tonight was about how Manhattan should adopt surge breaks similar to those built by The Netherlands.

rosaria~ The New Normal is the catch-phrase given to the cycle of changing weather that is here to stay. Thinking of kissing in the rain is much more fun to think about.

Helen~ Oh, I know what you mean and agree 100%!

Tess~ Agree, and not only because it is what we were used to.....

Berowne said...

Light, sprightly, and very well written.

Lydia said...

Berowne~ Many thanks!

Bee's Blog said...

A very special take on the Mag. Well done!

Anonymous said...

This is so lovely and so sad. It's amazing, how much we have dealt with, and how much more is to come. I hope there are still fall mists and changing leaves to show my children someday.

Sorry about my absence! I'm glad to finally be able to visit again :)

Lydia said...

Bee's Blog~ Oh, I appreciate your visit and nice comment.

Amber Lee~ I hope so too, sweetie.
It is wonderful having your comments. I, too, owe you an apology for not being around your blog lately. xo



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