Sunday, October 7, 2012

Poetics: Soul Food

Soul Food

Nourishment such as this
was found often at the
banquet of youth, when
a tender phrase slipped
from luscious lips and
a longing glance served
as appetizer for the
feast of love.

Sometimes a letter came
with tender phrases and
longing glances suggested
in the bill of fare, tempting
bites to savor and dream
over again and again.

Before the Full Meal Deal
of life's sundry buffet
there were tidbits
that tasted so fine it
seemed impossible to
forget their nuanced flavors
but I did, until
nourishment such as this.

Written for PoeticsFoodloose  — at dVerse Poets hosted this week by Claudia Schoenfeld, whose delectable prompt asks us to "dish up some tasty poetry."  (Incidentally, Claudia, I agree with you about the movie Ratatouille!)



Fireblossom said...

I love the double meaning in the title you chose.

susan said...

What a delicious reminiscence.

Heaven said...

I enjoy every bite of this nourishment ~ Lovely share ~

Brian Miller said...

nice...i think we have supersized our way out of flavor and preparation in food...and in life at times....when one perfect spoonful could truly be savored you know....

Claudia said...

i like that you go parallel to love here...the nourishment, the taste, promises, the dreaming things over and over, savoring...the full meal can be disappointing at times then...think we have to re-learn in a way...fine write..

Rob-bear said...

Forgotten, then remembered.
The glorious taste of love —
of both

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

reminded me of a story in the news this week that two people were thrown out of an all-you-can-eat buffet for eating too much...


isn't that sort of the point?

Sam!! said...


Nice Blog! :)


Lydia said...

Fireblossom~ Thanks much.

susan~ Thank you. (Getting cold up North, I bet. Time for hot soups and stews, fresh-baked bread?)

Heaven~ I appreciate your comment.

Brian~ I agree. And I do think you are one who is savoring every perfect spoonful in your life, Brian. Your poetry is full of the proof.

Claudia~ Having to re-learn is a great way of looking at it. Thanks so much for your comment.

Rob-bear~ Loved your comment-poem.

Pixies~ Hell yes it's the point. At least that's what I thought those slop palaces were for. Personally, I think the establishment did the "diners" a favor!

Sam~ Thanks for your visit.

rosaria williams said...

Oh my! Tom Jones doesn't come close to this sensuality.

hedgewitch said...

Lovely contrasts in this make the poem shine, a delicious taste of a connoisseur's temptations as opposed to the groaning board of daily life, with all its bland mass of dishes that sustain life but do nothing for the more delicate and subtle needs/pleasures of taste. Last line is a great resolution, also. Sorry not to have been by lately, Lydia--the spirit is willing but the back is weak. ;_)

Anonymous said...

This speaks on so many levels!

Lydia said...

rosaria~ Thanks. You should read some of the others written for this prompt...very spicy and sensual.

hedgewitch~ "the groaning board of daily life", what a description! You are so wonderful and I am worries about your back. Please get well soon.

Amber Lee~ You are so perceptive and kind.

izzy said...

The second verse grabbed me because I used to read letters over and over; just as I used to enjoy piece-after -single-piece of cracker jacks!
( P.s. I do plan to vote in spite of a family full of nasty politicians!)



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