Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Flash 55 — where all the flowers have gone

Dahlias: long faded and gone, still remembered.
Echinacea roots: now pressed into tonic.
Sunflower seeds: birdfood
Ironically favored by squirrels.
Dried lavender: sacheted, essentially oiled,
Enjoyed dashed in exotic dishes.
Roses: turned everlasting by
Artists using brushes and oils,
Tinted glass stained for glory, and the
Ultimate tribute —
Metals sculpted into forever thorns and petals.

Written for Friday Flash 55 - My post in exactly 55 words - for the G-Man.

(Note: I saw and nabbed the beautiful image above from a Facebook page. It was, unfortunately, not credited.)


Brian Miller said...

so what has been flavored by squirrels? smiles. cool acrostic...that picture is just amazing....

hope you had a great thanksgiving lydia

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

i once spent a lunchtime sitting in a mall listening as a bloke tried to drum up interest in adult education by playing his guitar and repeatedly singing "where have all the learners gone"


and again

for an hour

Your post is about 3 trillion light years better than that

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this. Lovely composition.

G-Man said...

ALWAYS a class act you are!
You don't write 55's, you create Art.
Dahlias and Orchids seem so mysterious to me.
Loved your reflective 55
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Teresa said...

This is truly a work of art! Beautiful and thoughtful.

rosaria williams said...

Double treat!

Jinksy said...

Beautiful words and picture - thanks!

Owen said...

Really love the photo here, cool image, sweet colors, to go with fine words... a good flash all around.

Lydia said...

Sorry to just be getting around to thanking you all for your comments.......

Brian~ I know you got it about the squirrels, I really do. Thanksgiving was mellow; hope yours was great.

Pixies~ Well, I would hope so. Although I'd love to be able to match the guy's patience. Maybe it was his way of meditating!

ReBelle~ So glad and thank you for letting me know.

G-Man~ Wow, the weekend is long gone and I'm just now saying how touched I was that you would say I create art. I am so flattered.

Teresa~ And you said it was art, also. I am doubly honored. Thank you.

Jinksy~ Thank you for being here.

Owen~ Damn I am so missing your blog (among others I have not been around for awhile). I will be back, I promise...just kinda scattered lately. I love this photo too and wish it had been credited at Facebook where I saw and nabbed it.

Citizen of Earth said...

Very nice. I love the pic... reminds me of my friend Mike who seldom writes but creates beautiful stained glass...

Lydia said...

Citizen of Earth~ Thank you. I admire those who can create stained glass artwork, as I would probably sever a finger if I tried it!

Citizen of Earth said...

My youngest has started working with stained glass... She seems to have a knack for it - Me... cutting glass makes me nervous...



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