Wednesday, November 28, 2012

OPW — What do you think?

Since posting last Wednesday about my having run out of free image space I still have not had to make a move on the solution because I deleted many draft Old Postcard Wednesday drafts, thereby giving me space enough to at least post some other posts since then. I know that my space is low (perhaps even too low to upload a postcard image).......but I have a question for you.

In comments at OPW last week, Citizen of Earth suggested that I create a new blog for Old Postcard Wednesday alone, thereby giving me a new gig of storage. It would not alter my running out of image space here at Writerquake, however (unless I transferred four-plus years of OPW posts to the new blog, which I cannot imagine doing!).

Still, I am considering creating a third blog. It would free up Writerquake for basically writing-related posts only. The downside is that I may not post weekly in the third blog if writing here has my attention. I keep going back-and-forth on the issue and would really appreciate some input. Thank you!



Fireblossom said...

Oh shoot. I didn't know there was a limit on free image space! I wonder how long until they come for me?

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

well - i for one would read a seperate OPW blog. If as a starter you also transferred all your old OPWs to the same site then that would presumably free up space here?

But i would come and visit regardless of OPW

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

ah - just seen your "can't imagine" bit.

I guess i've always resisted a second blog myself as its hard enough for me to focus on one thing at a time :)

mythopolis said...

I have numerous blog sites for different purposes. I think a Postcard Gallery site would be cool. As you post a new (old) card here, retire it to the gallery before posting the next new one. You could also put a permanent link onto your OPW posts here to the card site so anyone can go to the gallery and look around.

Citizen of Earth said...

I did somthing similar on my blog for the "River Update" and "Days Gone BY" slideshows. They each have a seperate (hidden) blog Which you can only access through the link on Zenspace. I believe the images have their own Picassa albums as well but it's been a long time since I set it up.

I'm planning to make some changes as I no longer walk the river since I moved to the farm, but I will do something similar for Bandingo Farm Studio.

hedgewitch said...

I had no idea there was an image limit. I would love to see OPW have it's own blog--just please if you change, leave a promninent link up here so I can find it! I miss a lot of Wednesdays because of Open Link Night, but I will be cutting back there and able to be by more often after the New Year, I hope.

Lydia said...

Fireblossom~ It is a surprise when you suddenly get the message that "Ooops" OUt of space. You are image-rich at your blog.....only a matter of time!

Pixies~ Yes, ideally I would transfer all the OPW posts to the new blog. Right now I am not even sure how to do that. Thanks for your marvelous support of OPW all these years!

mythopolis~ You are so far beyond me in this gallery idea! Of all my blogging friends you do have the most blogs and I have always been in awe of that.

Citizen of Earth~ As with myth above, you are so far beyond me with that hidden blog concept. :)

hedgewitch~ See my comment to Fireblossom as it undoubtedly applies to you also. You are so kind to even stop by OPW once in awhile; always a treat to see you.

Kathe W. said...

well- as you know I have three blogs and after the first of this year I am going to only have one active blog- I am going to just use "Snappy Repartee" as having 3 becomes a lot of work and I'd rather just maintain one blog and
have more time to respond to comments and more importantly read more fellow bloggers on a regular basis and still have time to be outside etc!
I ran into the issue of running out of space and Google has admited they have a "glitch" in their system and the false "out of space" messages are being addressed and are being worked on.
Happy Friday!

Lydia said...

Kathe~ Thank you for this. As my computer grinds away hour-upon-hour in an effort to input posts into a potential new blog, I am already tired of it. I'll see if these go through by tonight, and if not will just chuck the idea. I am most interested to learn about the "glitch" and appreciate your feedback!


If I am to understand you right, you are concerned about being able to regularly post in your third blog. I have a second blog, besides Folkways Notebook, which I set up to accommodate photos without many words. I do not post regular but try to put something on each week. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. I don't think rules or regulations need to be followed. Anyway, this is how I accomplished having a second blog. -- barbara

bfk said...

I think it's a great idea. I'm very opposed to deleting archived materials.

Lydia said...

Folkways~ Well, I do have a second blog but it was born alone and so I don't have to think about linking anything back&forth. A third blog for OPW could start fresh, but I would like all past OPW posts to be linked there (I tried to export/import and it crashed my computer)....just haven't figured out how to do it.

bfk~ I like the idea, too. In fact. I have created the new blog, but there is nothing in it yet and it is not a proven template yet. I need to read how to make a list of all old posts to link there. Too busy and have been under the weather for weeks so this could take awhile!



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