Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Flash 55 — never mind

"The mind is everything. What you think you become.”
The Collator by Eric Joyner
The Collator by
Eric Joyner

Thinking about No-Mind without a mind, Roby wondered if one must have a mind to comprehend the meaning of No-Mind.
Was I once molten debris from a supernova’s collapse? Could I next be a tree, then turtle, then Turk? Was this boulder once my brother? Is the Earth my mother? Humans must have deeper thoughts....

Written for Friday Flash 55 - My post in exactly 55 words - for the G-Man.


Brian Miller said...

ha. well i hate to think he will be disappointed at the depth of our thoughts....hahaha

kj said...

Hi Lydia. I chuckle at the questions about ancestry and relatives/ very darn clever!

Maybe metal thoughts are stronger than flesh thoughts, although both can rust if not careful

Hahaha what am I even saying !?


izzy said...

Something is cotton between his ears!
good ponderings! I appreciate your take on this!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. Such a philosophical 55!

anthonynorth said...

Well it's certainly not mechanical thinking. Nice and philosophical.

G-Man said...

Dearest Lydia...
I had those VERY same thoughts the first time that I smoked some Columbian Red Bud circa 1975!
(Weed nowadays just puts you to sleep)
Loved your pensive 55 My Friend
Thanks for playing, and please have a Kick Ass Week-End

Rob-bear said...

"Molten debris
from a supernova’s collapse?"
And a boulder for a brother?

Hard thinking, that.
Yet not beyond possibilities
in a
metaphoric mind.

Sufficient to say
your poetry

Blessings and Bear hugs.

rosaria williams said...

Ah, knowing that we know doesn't translate that we know much. Just thinking...

brandi said...

Oh Roby, most people do not think. They simply shit out of their brains, thus the term Shit For Brains. If this were untrue, would have such a messed up world?

Helen said...

.. a most delightful 55!!! (my father used to say 'colder than a well-digger's ass)

Other Mary said...

Not all humans! That's a fun one, and quite the picture you have here. Have a great weekend Lydia!

Lydia said...

Brian~ Yup, that is what I thought also!

kj~ Your ending question cracked me up so! Loved your ponderings...

izzy~ I appreciate your comment!

razzamadazzle~ Thanks so much!

anthonynorth~ I guess it isn't! Thanks.

G-Man~ HAHAHAAHAhahah! Thanks for the funnest comment ever. :)

Rob-bear~ Such lovely thoughts from a philosophical Bear. :)

rosaria~ I'm thinking I like your thinking.

brandi~ I agree with you...and I suspect that Roby would too.

Helen~ Thanks. And thanks, too, for clarifying that phrase over at G's post!

Other Mary~ Certainly not all humans. The majority, though?.....nah!

Yvonne Osborne said...

The kind of thoughts conjured up whilst sprawled in a bean bag on the floor with the Dark Side Of The Moon spinning on the turntable and windows open to the night. The boulder is definitely Roby's brother!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

the title of the piece of art "The Collator" made me smile

the robot looks like the TV version of Marvin The Paranoid Android

susan said...

This piece reminded me of one of my favorite books - Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino. Here's a passage you may remember:

"a true outburst of general love, initiating at the same moment the concept of space and, properly speaking, space itself, and time, and universal gravitation, and the gravitating universe, making possible billions and billions of suns, and of planets, and fields of wheat, and Mrs. Ph(i)Nk0s, scattered through the continents of the planets, kneading with floury, oil-shiny, generous arms, and she lost at that very moment, and we, mourning her loss."

Lydia said...

susan~ What a phenomenal passage, and no, I am not familiar with this book. I am jotting the title down now because I trust your taste implicitly!



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