Sunday, January 6, 2013

Poetics: P e a c e

peace04 by Doug Ross
peace04 by
Doug Ross

Perfect peace is not something to preach.
Even the holy ones should know that to be true.
Ancient teaching cannot ensure peace for today yet
Cosmic energy still beckons us toward a tranquil tomorrow.
Enlightenment is within our stretched imaginations.  R e a c h.


Written for Poetics — Peace Within and Without — at dVerse Poets hosted this week by Mary Kling, whose prompt post is was truly beautiful and gave me pause for contemplation. Thank you, Mary. 

As happens on occasion, I found the ideal image for my poem after the poem was completed. Could hardly believe how well it fit. The artist's Imagekind site is linked under the photo, but I wanted to share also his website, here.



Mary said...

Your last line is a stunner, Lydia. So true....we CAN find that enlightenment we seek if we stretch ourselves to LOOK within!

Brian Miller said...

seriously dig his artwork...thanks for the link...personal enlightenment will go much further than dictated peace anyday....

Heaven said...

That is a stunning artwork ~ Love the acrostic poem ~ reach for peace ~

Bodhirose said...

A great piece of art...I love it. The peace to be reached for mankind starts within us all...we can cultivate it within so it can spread without. Beautiful, Lydia.

Fireblossom said...

Isn't that something, about the image? That happened to me, recently, on "The Perfectionist."

Anonymous said...

Peace cannot be preached, cannot be demanded - it can only be lived and offered as a gift. But preachers/prophets - call them what you will - have the privilege of inviting us to give and receive that gift. To do otherwise is to deny their calling.

susan said...

I'll settle for a little Realization now and again but your aim is a good one. Nicely said too.

Rob-bear said...

Awesome as always. To live at peace with yourself, after which you can live at peace with the world.

Me? Bear stuck out his snout, to see what was happening. Poetry time in several places. Good poetry. Excellent poetry. Peaceful poetry.

Time to go back to hibernating. Blessings and Bear hugs.

Lydia said...

Thank you, Everyone, for your kind comments. Sorry to be a somewhat poor blogger/commenter right now...


Lydia -- Reach for peace is a beautiful idea. Reaching instead of just saying "peace" will help us toward the possibility.



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