Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Flash 55 — Fall into me

Fall into me while I am
still nested in this life.
I am layers of comfort
crafted by seasons.
I have thick skin
(the heart has reasons).
My shell is grounded-
my soul, like a feather.
You can fall heavy here-
I’ll bow to your light.
But if you cannot fall
I’ll honor your flight.

Written for Friday Flash 55 - My post in exactly 55 words - for the G-Man.


izzy said...

It could be an egg- ahh well, I enjoyed the featheryness of it!

Margaret said...

Sounds like someone who is very comfortable with themselves - and that usually comes with age.

Brian Miller said...

My shell is grounded-
my soul, like a the contrast there...and the rather jaunty rhythm to this....def feels like someone i would find comfort in being around....

G-Man said...

Wow I really liked the depth of this poem. I also LOVE your new Header. Fantastic post!
Loved your Loving 55
Thanks for this very well thought out beauty, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Alice Audrey said...

This makes me think of Icarus with his wax wings full of feathers. Only he was busy trying to leave home.

Lydia said...

izzy~ Could be. I noticed the artist had "marble" as one of his descriptive tags...

Margaret~ There has to be an upside to age, right?!

Brian~ Thank you so much!

G-Man~ Thank you for your appreciation of the post and the new header!!

Alice~ Interesting, your analogy, and definitely another perspective and outcome.

Anonymous said...

Love this

Claudia said...

nice.. the being ok with if the other cannot fall..honoring their flight...yet the offering open arms to them...great metaphor lydia..

hedgewitch said...

This is just really excellent Lydia...fall or fly, and here, the more arcane virtues of falling seem far superior.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

ok - so you said on the last friday flash that you missed my in-depth comments on OPW - so i'm going to try and give you one on this:

The image made me think of two things - firstly those amazing drawings by Escher where everything is recursive and people walk upside down on stairs

But then the image and the poem combined - well, back in the year 2000 we had the Millenium Dome in the UK, now the O2 arena - it was supposed to rival the 1950s Festival Of Britain, but tried too hard to please without offence and thus ended up being a bit soulless - but the absolute best thing about the dome was the show, which was on every couple of hours a day and had music by Peter Gabriel

And part of the music was an instrumental piece called The Nest That Sailed The Sky - and that's what came to mind when i read your pome - that sense of flying high and yet being entirely safe

susan said...

This is a real marvel, my friend.

mythopolis said...

Yes, the heart has reasons...but they are reasons that reason does not know...that is the rub.

Lydia said...

YOYO~ Thank you.

Claudia~ So honored you thought it a great metaphor.

hedgewitch~ Far superior, I agree. Thank you for another of your always-superior comments.

Pixies~ Wow! No wonder I've missed your in depth comments, and I am sure that anyone else reading what you wrote here will understand why too. Marvelous to know all that you were reminded of and what a great little bit of history. I am blown away by the name of that instrumental piece...thank you so much for sharing!

susan~ Ah, thank you so much. :)

mythopolis~ the reasons that reason does not know = perfect to ponder. Thank you.

Rastaman said...

This is so beautiful, thank you!

Lydia said...

Rastaman~ Thank you; you are so kind!

Anonymous said...

This is touching on such a deep level. Oh my goodness. I needed these words, thank you.

Lydia said...

Amber Lee~ No; thank you, Amber!



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