Monday, April 1, 2013

Mag 162 — what she was made for

So she may have given him an apple to taste. Get over it, all of you. He'd have found a way 
to fall on his own anyway. 
She does not keep a tidy house, but she grooms both pussies there so that should do. What the hell? She wasn't made to be a dutiful maid. 
She prefers windows without shades because she has an open mind. He should appreciate that instead of asking her to report to him what the weather looks like outside. She will happily stay up inside her open mind, thank you very much, and do you think she is 
some fucking weather predictor or something? 
Good heavens, he has been hell to live with since his physical, something about his ribs. 
Oh, good god, no....not braised ribs! You think she was created for creative cooking? 

She has been giving much thought to what exactly it is that she was created for. 
She no longer trusts the snake for advice
but she's thinking that the armadillo-mouse hiding on the counter 
by the coffee grinder just might know. She'll even let him have the run of the place 
if he will tell her which way to go to get out of this hellhole, 
and if he gets it right he will be the apple of her eye.  

Written for The Mag: Mag 162 that inspired with the above photo prompt
(image: Between Heaven and Hell, 1989, by Jacek Yerka).



Charleen said...

Hello! I like how you play with the smallest details in the picture. I too write from Eve's perspective. Nice work.

izzy said...

Great take Lydia- I love the open mind concept! good one-thanks.

Kutamun said...

Not heaven or hell but somewhere in between !, like my place

Brian Miller said...

something about his'd think she was created for, but def with a point as well...nicely done lydia

Helen said...

Awesome, awesome ~~~ I think you should give us an encore!!!

There is so much 'material' in this painting!!

Kathe W. said...

bravissimo...this is such a treat!
You saw all the details...and wove them so cleverly! Love it!

mythopolis said...

It speaks to the patriarchal origins of most religion...brings a certain irony to the idea of the 'spare rib'...I mean what woman wants to think they were made out of a rib some guy didn't really need? Time to upgrade the metaphors (With all due respect,maybe You were having a bad day..) ...I am just a lowly mortal, I admit...but honestly that doesn't fly anymore...

mythopolis said...

my cmment was to god, not to you...

The Write Girl said...

Sharp, clever, and written beautifully. I love your creative take on this work of art. Eve is one tough lady!

Lydia said...

Charleen~ Thank you for your great comment and the support!

izzy~ The open mind part was my favorite too. :)

Kutamun~ A glimpse into your world, eh? Very interesting!

Brian~ Your appreciation made me smile; thank you.

Helen~ Thanks! I agree about there being so much "material" in that painting. It's loaded.

Kathe~ Wow, thank you so much!

mythopolis~ Whew! Thanks for the clarification of your second comment! Also, your "spare ribs" was come no one has ever thought of that before, including me when I wrote this piece?? :)

The Write Girl~ I so appreciate your wonderful comment; thanks!

Anonymous said...

Such a fantastic take on this relationship! I always felt bad for Eve.

Helena said...

Wonderful poem.........and I had to go check out that little mouse attention to detail ain't what it used to be....LoL

Tess Kincaid said...

She prefers windows without shades because she has an open mind...oh I like that...great write Lydia...

Lydia said...

Amber Lee~ Thanks, and I think it is cute that you felt bad for Eve. :)

Helena~ I'm sure your attention to detail is just fine....there was SO much detail to pay attention to in this painting! Thank you for your visit.

Tess~ I always smile when i get a compliment from you; thank you. :)


This is one hell of a good piece! You touched on many issues that have made women realize they are not for men's use. -- barbara



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