Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Flash 55 & Mag 169: Seeing butter

When I was a wee one
grownups could see butter
when holding a dandelion bloom
underneath my chin. I thought
they were bloomin' crazy.

Here is an example of
the same phenomenon, only better.
Buttercups and dandelions
growing on this downslope don't follow the sun.
They simply adore the lighthouse on top of the hill.

Written for Friday Flash 55 - My post in exactly 55 words - for the G-Man.
Written for The Mag: Mag 169 that inspired with the above image prompt
(Lighthouse Dandelions by Jamie Wyeth). 


Brian Miller said...

is that a true story that they lean toward the lighthouse? or are you just playing off the pic....def a cool memory of the mom did that too

G-Man said...

Yeah, maybe just a little...:-)
I can't help it that you've become such an essential part of The Friday Funfest.
Loved your Buttery Blend 55
Thanks for playing, thanks for appeasing Old Farts, and please have a Kick Ass Holiday Week-End...Again.
G...(You Rock Lydia)

Belva Rae Staples said...

It does look as though they are admiring and even adoring the lighthouse.

Kathe W. said...

what a lighthearted way to see this image! Have a great weekend!

Vanessa V Kilmer said...

I remember the butter trick.

Your idea is much, much better.

Flash 55 - and the green grass grew all around

Other Mary said...

That picture made me think of butter testing too. Nice one.

Anonymous said...

I remember hearing that too! Charming poem =)

Lydia said...

Brian~ No, it is not a true story. It's fun to see how many of us remember this from childhood.

G-Man~ Thank you for your lovely comment. I think you pout in a delightful way (and it got me to writing my 55, most definitely!).

Belva Rae~ I thought so!

Kathe~ Thanks, and I hope your weekend is a great one.

Vanessa~ Yet another butter baby!

Other Mary~ So cool that we both saw butter testing in this painting. I wonder what Jamie Wyeth would think!

mindlovemisery~ Thank you. :)

Fireblossom said...

Okay, ya lost me. If anyone ever did that when I was little, I dismissed them as a nutball, I guess, cos I never heard of it.

Rob-bear said...

The brilliant sun
reflects is vibrant rays
off the local
light house.

and Buttercups
arise to the
golden, reflected light
and bow their

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting
Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

Jinksy said...

It was buttercups that shone under our chins here - we were warned not to pick dandelions, as we'd wet the bed!

Lydia said...

Fireblossom~ If you think my story is strange, just take a look at what Jinksy was told when she was a kid!

Rob-bear~ Thank your for the blessings of another of your poetic comments!

Jinksy~ What a silly story you were told! So funny! I don't remember buttercups when I was a child, but that doesn't mean they didn't grow there. :)

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

its quite difficult to buy dandelion and burdock squash here these days - which is a shame, because its very nice

It seems then that holding a buttercup under someones chin to find out if they like butter is a universal thing

susan said...

The dandelions are back after a very long winter followed by a cold, wet spring. What's neat about them is seeing how tall and proud are the first flowers. After the first mowing they tend to stick closer to the ground. They are pretty despite their bad reputation, but my favorites are the buttercups. They'll come next and I will pick just one to hold under my wrist in sunlight.

Lydia said...

Pixies~ I never heard of dandelion and burdock until recently when my husband bought a soda at the health food store that was that blend!

susan~ I love the way you described the seeming pride in the first dandelions. You are right about the change after they are mowed. Never thought of that.
I'll have to try your trick with a buttercup myself. :)

Lester Kish said...

Hi Lydia…

Fun little piece. Never did see the butter connection. Dandelions? My dad cursed them. The dogs eat them.

Claudia said...

i adore lighthouses as i def. understand that they turn their faces toward them...smiles..

Lydia said...

Lester~ I never saw the butter connection either. Guess it had something to do with reflection. I've never known a dog to eat dandelions! (Mine eats grass, how mundane.)

Claudia~ Yes! :)

newdigitalscapes said...

There is a feeling here. A childhood memory of summers in the park, rainbows and blue sky. And of course, yellow dandelions

newdigitalscapes said...

The poem definitely brings back memories of summers in the park. Nicely penned Lydia.



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