Monday, May 6, 2013

Mag 167 — Memo to Mary Cassatt

Mary, Mary you must have been
in a contrary mood
the day you painted this husky
dude, made him pretty in pink
playing with pink blossoms,
twirling and tossing pretend
long scented locks, saying
"fiddle-dee-dee" and dreaming
of powdered-sugar delicacies
to have with afternoon tea.

You placed him under that tree
of knowledge to sample the fruit,
and, Mary, it appears to have
done the trick I see, for
here we witness the woot-woot!
moment when the gentle gent
blossomed in springtime as she.

Written for The Mag: Mag 167 that inspired with the above art prompt
(Young Woman Picking the Fruit of Knowledge, 1892 by Mary Cassatt).



Helen said...

Oh yes ... I love this little gem.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

i'm glad to see then that i'm not the only person who looked at this image and thought "but that's a bloke"

Very specifically i thought it was Andy Bell, who was one half of 1980's synth-pop duo Erasure (the other half being synth god Vince Clarke)

Fireblossom said...

Oh yes! A little love for the T in LGBT! The way you chose to word this made it a perfect delight. I'm still smiling.

And Pixies is right, he *does* look like that Erasure guy. One of their songs was part of one of my favorite movie scenes (from D.E.B.S.):

Kutamun said...

Theres no reason why God isnt a woman ! Well done

Tigerbrite said...

Love your poem. I too thought it was a man in a dress :)

Rob-bear said...

Sorry, Lydia
I don't see a dude.
Maybe I'm a prude.
A woman in short hair
which is in fashion
wants to engage
my passion.

very strange,
what we see
and how we want
our world
to be.

P.S.: I've got a new pome for tomorrow at the Urban Forest.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting
Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

Lydia said...

Helen~ And I loved that you stopped by!

Pixies~ Glad you saw it the same as I. Have never heard of Andy Bell so looked up photos, and he has the same facial bone structure as the "woman" in the painting, except he appears to be blond and "she" is brunette. Thanks for the interesting music lesson.

Fireblossom~ Thanks! As I explained to Pixies, I didn't know about Erasure. And I never heard of the movie, either. So I looked at your youtube clip and really like that song, and the movie looks cool, too. Thanks for the interesting cinema and song lesson.

Kutamun~ No, there certainly is not. That whole He business offends me!

Tigerbrite~ Yay, another who validates that the "woman" looks like a man! Thank you, thank you.

Rob-bear~ Honestly, I do not see how anyone can see a woman's face in that painting!! I am fascinated that you do, and thought your poem was interesting. Will stop by to read your latest at your blog.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

sorry to turn this into a Erasure discussion, but Vince Clarke was a founder member of Depeche Mode, formed Yazoo with Alison Moyet and then settled with Erasure - the original video for A Little Respect is hilarious, with lots of silly visual references, like where Andy hands Vince the word "respect" - hence giving him a little respect.

Vince does all the work in the background and famously contributes little when playing live - once spending a good part of a concert dressed as a cactus. I still have an Erasure fan-club T-shirt from a free christmas gig they did - it only comes out at Christmas because of the laurel on the front

Strummed Words said...

Wonderfully clever. I really like this.

Kelvin S.M. said...

...i am laughing coz this is so clever... i am glad to know i was not alone in seeing a man on the pic rather than a woman... in whatever way, angle, or shape i look at it... it still couldn't figure it out how this was called a young woman... really... haha... smiles...

Kathe W. said...

Lydia- you are such a smarty pants! I saw the mans face but discarded it for writing about Mary....I love your poem! Perfect!

Dave King said...

Absolutely superb! Cleverly conceived and beautifully realised.

Tess Kincaid said...

Charming...with a lovely wrap ending...

Lydia said...

Pixies~ You are such a font of music knowledge. I think that if I ever get a chance to meet you in person I must definitely bring a recording device to capture what surely would be the most marvelous information!

Strummed Words~ I appreciate your kind comment.

Kelvin~ You said it! in whatever way, angle, or shape i look at it... it still couldn't figure it out how this was called a young woman.. My thoughts exactly!

Kathe~ I loved your Mag! Thanks for your kind words about this one.

Dave~ Many thanks for the visit and compliment.

Tess~ Thank you and thank you for the prompt. And thank you for your amazing poems.



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