Wednesday, January 22, 2014

OpenLinkNight — Way to go

If I were told, It is terminal, 
time is short, get your affairs
in order.....

the only affairs I would get

in order would be the purchase

of a one-way ticket to the lush

land of the Spirit Bear who visits

my dreams and loves me well, and

a lightweight pack with provisions:

some smoked salmon and bread

for my final meal, and

many fish to unwrap and place

on the mossy earth with baby ferns

and ancient trees nearby.  I would

lay down there and call to Them,

If you want these treats you'll have 
to come through me. Please.

Written for OpenLinkNight, week 129, at dVerse Poets Pub, where Grace penned an inspiring prompt.

[Image by Natural Resources Defense Council - The Earth's Best Defense. Visit the link to learn, take action, donate!]


Claudia said...

ha - that sound like a plan... smoked salmon and bread for the final meal is not bad as well....but's only the beginning...

Tigerbrite said...

Sounds like your power animal is that bear. Unsurprisingly mine is a tiger:) and he loves me well.
I don't have a google account either and sadly cannot comment on those blogs which use only that.

Brian Miller said...

reminds me a bit of the end of legends of the fall where tristan goes out to find his bear there in the end...i want to go out that way, you know....smiles...i like this...

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

a lovely poem, but probably not a lovely way to go. The name Kermode Bear intrigues me as there is a famous film critic here called Mark Kermode (seen him in person 3 times now) - i wonder if he knows that a bear shares his name

Lester Kish said...

Nice job Lydia, this is cool. I've always thought the Kermode and the land that it inhabits to be most special. The dense, mysterious, fog shrouded rain forest of British Columbia, the Haida people, countless salmon streams.

The bears are able fisherman. But, I think that they would gladly relieve you of some of your smoked salmon. I'll take some too.

If one could die peaceably, this would be a good place.

susan said...

A lovely sentiment, Lydia.

Lydia said...

Tigerbrite~ Thank you so much for your comment, and I'm sorry I cannot return the favor of a visit. I wish Google would get it together and consolidate their worlds so this kind of this would cease!

Kathe W. said...

YES! Exactly! Me too!



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