Friday, November 28, 2014

Meeting the Bar — Thankfulness, unfinished

 Ferns in Black and White by Jim Crotty (2010)

That unseen bird chirping alone, rejoicing
in a tall fern, in the rain, at Thanksgiving

The Pastoral, Beethoven’s 6th symphony,
for deep insight and soft soul flight,
to rejoice in musical thanksgiving

All feelings that swell beneath certain words:
rejoice and pastoral, unseen and alone,
rain and music, thanks and giving

The quiet breath that fills the chest before
a sweet note or an unkind word: one
deserves thanks, the other needs forgiving

Breathing here, now, in this symphony of
solitude in the night, following news of
an old classmate’s passing on Thanksgiving

That unseen bird chirping alone, rejoicing

Written for MeetingTheBar—Thanksgiving Turkey with a side of Poetry, at dVerse Poets Pub, hosted this week by Brian Miller. He asked us to write a poem about what we are thankful for. Fresh on my mind were the last 24 hours......


Björn Rudberg said...

Only with a peaceful silence and in thankfulness can you receive the chirping of the bird.

Brian Miller said...

they can go either way...a soft note or unkind word....i thought the paring of alone and unseen and interesting one in the sorry to hear about your classmate...went to a HS reunion of sorts a month ago and realized we had lost 20+ people from our class already....

Kate Mia said...

Ah.. Beethoven and a thanks for music of old and new.. is something i forgot to mention in my Thanksgiving thanks.. and you remind me here of how deeply inspiration music is in moving 'us' in the emotions of life..:)

Rob-bear said...

Sorry, I find this a bit depressing. Just my place at this point, not a reflection on your excellent and soulful poetry.

Blessings and Bear hugs!

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Beautiful writing.

Lydia said...

Brian ~ I certainly get how strange those reunions, and the subsequent reading of the list of those lost, can be! Two of my old boyfriends from the class died years ago. It seems so very strange...

To life!



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