Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mag 278 — goodbye

So as to not disturb the silence from which
this poem came I will whisper goodbye.

No goodbyes to the space that will always
hold us but goodbye to the vastness of
that space. No goodbyes to your face that
is there for friends in the good book of
these days, and no goodbyes to your face
in smiling pictures from those days,
but goodbye to seeing eye to eye.
Goodbye to your hands: I loved them to
look at, and being gifted by them with
pleasures. Goodbye to the pleasure of
knowing you well. Goodbye to your voice-
its tone and timbre, and your written voice-
its passion and poignancy. Goodbye to all you
were for me—heartbreaker and muse, taker
and lover, forsaker and friend, forgiver and

*first stanza - with a nod to final line of HOW TO BE A POET by Wendell Berry

Written for The Mag: Mag 278 that inspired with the above image prompt.


X said...

Not the easiest thing when you get to that point - I feel like they are going down the list of things they loved, and throwing each of those like a stone into the ocean.

Anonymous said...

I love this line: "but goodbye to seeing eye to eye" Great turn from the unexpected. Perfect ending, as well: "forgiver and forgiven."

Kathe W. said...

forgiver and forgiven- eloquent end to a sadly wonderful poem.
And thanks for commenting on my Magpie take-your comments are so appreciated!

Fireblossom said...

This is so sad, and so beautiful.

Helen said...

I believe these sentiments dwell in most ~~ awesome poem, M.

kaykuala said...

Parting is difficult when so much had been shared for so long. But given and thrown back to each other though by the looks of them are done with good feelings which is a consolation! Great lines Lydia!


The Blog of Bee said...

I hear the pain in the whisper.

Tess Kincaid said...

Beautiful...a tear in my eye...

Mary said...

This is very sad. I can feel the depth of emotion in this one!

kj said...

lydia, this is seven star. maybe a hundred star. would you get this one published? would you try? for the benefit of many?

love love

susan said...

That's a very powerful poem/statement. Do you ever experience instant nostalgia? Sometimes I'll look back at a place where we sat a moment ago and almost feel our ghostly presence remains.

johno said...

beautiful writing thank you :-)

Tom Degan said...

That was sweet. I just don't come here enough.



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