Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year

The separation from my blog since my last post in October 2015 is the longest I've had since creating Writerquake. Focus has been a main issue. I absolutely hate that, and hope to reign myself in, settle down here more often. I have missed writing, and, more than that, have missed reading posts at other blogs so much and sharing comments with you.

The only consistent writing I've done is at Facebook in the form of Haiku posts. I've gathered some of them here to communicate how I witnessed the seasons of 2015, simple proof that I kept my eyes and heart open last year.


Muted moon tonight
Hazy ring wide as the dome
Night birds flew through it

Road through rainforest
Sopping air, clouds high and bright
Prisms burst through fog.

Tense ionic air
Zeuss rumbles and cracks - birds still
Wash of sweet rain calms

Sleeps in black velvet
More precious than daytime's gauze
Summer night sublime

Silver Creek whispers:
"Remember, remember when . . ."
I know when is Now

Vast starlight—midnight
Shooting star arcs in delight
Dusts me with insight

Last rays on gold fish
Bird of prey soars with dinner
First/last flight for fish.

Golden spider weaves
Midnight, porchlight, rain falling
Autumn comes softly

Power saw's loud scream
Silent fir's last day of sun
Old-growth thuds on ground

Low frothy white clouds
Tiny star plays hide and seek
My bright deep-space friend

Asleep beside me
Stretches, grunts, long legs twitching
Wild puppy runs free

Tree finally up
Lights purple red green gold white
Sugarplum puppy



Lester Kish said...

Glad to see that you're alive and, hopefully, well. That wabi wabi shampoo post of yours from a few years back is still my favorite!

I can relate to the last two puppy haiku's. A litter of pups has kept us, well actually my wife, more than busy over the past month.

A happy and healthy new year to you Lydia.

Helen said...

What a treat ... you, this morning!!

susan said...

Yes, it can be difficult remaining focused enough to write regularly. Your haikus are a treat, though.

All the best for a Good New Year.

Lydia said...

Lester, Helen, and Susan ~ Wow! What a lovely surprise having greetings from you! I've missed you and appreciate your comments more than I can say. Thank you!

e said...

I love reading here and hope you do return. I really like these. Happy New Year to you!

Lydia said...

e ~ I'm honored by your comment. Am feeling freer and think I can be here more often very soon. Will look for you at your blog too!

Lydia said...

e ~ I'm honored by your comment. Am feeling freer and think I can be here more often very soon. Will look for you at your blog too!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

good to see you back - your haikus are wonderful. Such a difficult form of poetry but you use it really well x



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