Thursday, April 17, 2008

Test your Barack Obama IQ --

Test your Barack Obama IQ --

I've written before that Obama is my candidate. This test (link above) in the Chicago Tribune was a good one. Even as a supporter of his I didn't know all the answers.

We watched the full two hours of the debate between Clinton and Obama last night. I agree with MoveOn's email message today that it would have been a better use of time to have skipped the rehashing of both campaigns' gaffes, goofs, oops, and mea culpas of the past few weeks and to have focused more on important issues.

Only Obama mentioned the peril of the planet, and that was a brief comment.
Stop Global WarmingA real plan and commitment for dealing with climate change is, for me, the key issue from which all other issues are offshoots and ripples. Climate change determines peace --or war -- as food supplies dwindle and some entire island and coastal nations are in danger of slipping into the sea in the future. And all the universal health care in the world will matter little if we don't stop global warming. Don't the candidates get this? After the Democratic primary is decided and we get down to a presidential contest I hope Americans are forceful and vocal and passionate in their demands to hear much and often from the candidates about where they stand on climate change, and how each is prepared to lead the world on this issue.

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sharryb said...

I only got 29% right about Obama. (No, we can't said the score card) He's my candidate also. So now I know a little more, some of it trivia, but some essential.

Global warming. Yep, that's the really, really big issue. We are sleep walking about the magnitude of this one.




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