Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Flash 55 -- Lord Helpme

Djinn by Rene Bauer
Djinn by Rene Bauer

I am Lord Helpme, here because I could no longer ignore you calling my name. 

Do I know you? What's your problem, lady?...lordhelpme! this and lordhelpme! that. This is a huge network; I am amazingly busy. If you need something, for godssake put it on your damn Wishlist. 
And have your credit card number ready.

Links to more of this week's FF55s (works of fiction in 55 words)
are at Mr. KnowItAll, the G-Man.



G-Man said...

Very clever, creative and darn funny!
Thank you very much for your great effort that you put into these each week.
Loved your 55 My Friend
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Brian Miller said... mean i got to pay for my wishes now? if that like a tithe or....smiles.

izzy said...

Oooohhh I like it ! great take!

Raven said...

Yes...they'll find a way to make you pay for anything. Love the genie too...

Stickup Artist said...

Hey, Lord Helpme is pretty darn cute! I just might start calling on him more... ;-D

hedgewitch said...

I usually call on that other saint--you know , Holy S#!t? This cracked me up completely, Lydia--great 55.

Mama Zen said...

This cracked me up!

Fireblossom said...

I am rolling.

Indigo said...

Hilarious! Love it! When my daughter was little I used to think, there was a creature called "Notme" living in our house. Funny thing, she was an only child. (Hugs) Indigo

Lydia said...

G-Man~ Thanks much, and, as always, thank you for hosting all this fun and comaraderie. :)

Brian~ Not exactly. You can always share your Wishlist and hope that others will oblige. :)

izzy~ Thanks. Great image to work with, don't you think?

Raven~ No kidding! Agree about that genie...nicely done. :)

Stickup~ Your comment made me laugh so hard! Thanks for that. :0

hedgewitch~ And your comment totally cracked me up. Join me in a rousing chorus of When the Saints Come Marching In?

Mama Zen~ I am glad! :)

Fireblossom~ You are? I should join you, as maybe you have a technique that will snap this neck back into alignment! (guess who will be visiting a chiropractor soon, for the first time in decades...)

Indigo~ Oh, I know some Notmes! Some of them grow up to become Itwasn'tmyfaults, although I am sure your were a wonderful mother and prevented your daughter from carrying it into adulthood. :)

susan said...

That was hilarious and what an ingenious image you chose. Nice work.

Jennifer said...

Lord Helpme sounds a bit cranky ... but who could blame him?

Rob-bear said...

Sad. All very sad. Sadly. Sigh!

Lydia said...

susan~ "Ingenious" is the right word for that image, most definitely! Glad you had fun with this.

Jennifer~ 'zactly, who could blame him.... I guess we are ultimately more powerful, as we can choose not to call him! :)

Grace said...

I missed this...this is funny and had me rolling my side...ha..ha..

Doctor FTSE said...

Great laugh, and very true.

Lydia said...

Grace~ Am so glad you stopped by and commented. :)

Doctor FTSE~ I'm jazzed that I made you laugh, as you have given me the gift of laughter so many times at your blog. :)

bfk said...

Hmm. I certainly hope the word pictures I yell out when frustrated DON'T show up like Lord Helpme did. I'd be in big trouble..

All your posts this week are incredibly fantastic, Lydia!

Lydia said...

bfk~ Your word pictures are far finer than Lord Helpme, even when you are frustrated.
I love your visits and really appreciated your compliment.



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